Hidden Symbols

One must be careful of metaphors when it comes to morality, or our understanding of life in general. A metaphor can be a fine way to try and describe a concept, but all too often people take these poetic phrases far too literally, and then the wisdom that they were meant to so eloquently communicate ends up being clouded, or down right distorted! I suppose one could say that the ‘blame’ is on the inadequacy of language … many ideas simply do not have the words worthy to fully convey them, however closer inspection also reveals an intentional deception by many authors … a deception commonly not noticed by the reader’s conscious mind, but still implanted within them. The most classic example: light and dark.

There are many who have used the parallel of ‘light and dark’ to describe a moral or life concept: the Chinese yin and yang, the Pythagorean Table of Opposites, Confucianism, and the story of Genesis where God separates the ‘light from the dark’ … to name but a few. We see constant symbolic references to this same concept in our media, from the classic ‘white hats and black hats’ of American Westerns to Star Wars with its light side and dark side of ‘the force’, and Lord of the Rings with the character Sauron the Dark Lord. It is one of the oldest forms of symbolism that we have, and indeed a symbolism that I myself have used. I think that most people get the basic concept here, however what I think most people tend to miss is the intentional manipulation of this metaphor to confuse, confound, and distort our understanding into what might be called the Luciferian or Illuminist belief system. And therein, in my humble opinion, lies the problem.

Just recently I saw a post on a certain social network that stated how “it is the dark which defines the light” … depicting a candle surrounded by shadow. Presumably the author of this post, like many others, was applying the idea and physics of literal light and the lack thereof to the moral concepts of good and evil. It suggests that evil is equal to good, and that one cannot exist without the other. It tells us that we should embrace the ‘dark’ as simply an essential element of our existence, and that as ‘good people’ we must tolerate the evil both within us and around us. Now, let me be clear about this – dualism certainly does exist. Good and evil, for all practical arguments, is a reality … whether you wish to describe them as selflessness and selfishness, compassion and hatred, knowledge and ignorance, creation and destruction, or whatever … there most definitely seems to be two basic sides (and many degrees between) that are represented in our reality by a variety of examples. Furthermore, as one who believes that all is indeed with some purpose and meaning, I do not deny the role of ‘evil’ in our evolution or in our learning. My contention about this symbolic philosophy is perhaps over a subtle point, yet as subtle as it is, I see a vital importance in discussing it. That point is, from a perspective learned in history and the tactics of psycho-social manipulations, that the ‘darkness’ has long held a campaign (or ‘recruitment drive’) against people as a means to increase its power and influence. As to its nature, its desire is hardly what we might call beneficial to our lives, and is in fact an attempt to devolve our awareness to a state which is both easy to control, and easy to consume. Indeed it does contain an important lesson, yet I ask you: is it better to learn through reason and compassion, or have it beaten into you by violence and pain. Some (far too many) seem to require the latter to learn, as they have continually missed or denied the lesson when presented otherwise … but by no means should it have been necessary, if but they would have listened to wisdom in the first place.

This apparent “necessary evil” however, has duped many into believing that there is no other way for us to progress … exactly what ‘the dark’ desires us to believe. So we become tolerant, or even supportive, of the philosophy that violence, pain, cruelty, and ignorance are but a natural and acceptable path for our enlightenment. Maybe ‘evil isn’t so bad after all’ … can you see the game that it plays? It was once said that “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he didn’t exist” … or perhaps, that “his evil is merely subjective, and that we must welcome him as a brother, for we are but half without him”. Folks, this is Satanic magic 101 … one must give the demon permission to enter, and be summoned. It is literally one of the oldest tricks in the book, and it is still highly effective, for it plays off of the qualities of good: tolerance, and a desire for peace amongst all.

In the Vietnam War, occasionally children were used as weapons. A child is not perceived as a threat, and so when the unwary soldier saw this child approach, the soldier’s heart reached out to them … their sense of compassion and desire to protect the child (qualities of a moral goodness) allowed the child into their open arms. The child then, when embraced with love, pulled the pin on the grenade that it concealed … and death came swiftly and brutally. It’s a tragic story, and a most cruel and cunning tactic … and it worked. It is also an example (of many that I could give) of a lesson ‘taught by evil’ which is so often forgotten … particularly by well-meaning philosophers and seekers who speak of the necessity and/or integration of ‘the dark and the light’. Also, it is a tactic still employed today by many prominent authors, luminists, and luciferians against those who genuinely seek an understanding of this reality. It is a trap … carefully and cleverly conceived so that it is most effective against evil’s great enemy: the good.

Tolerance, love, light … unity and understanding … all positive words that are favored by evil, for most when they read or hear these words will automatically assume the message they are used in must be something good. Sounds good at first, yes … but a closer and informed analysis often reveals the subtle deception. Evidence of this deception, and this movement towards the accepted integration of immorality into our lives, is all around us. As too is the blurring of our understanding of these two ideologies – from the popular ‘hero’ Batman all dressed in black with sharp ‘ears’ that look far more like horns (an image of a demon) to Neo and Trinity of the Matrix movies who will ‘awaken you from the false reality’ so that truth may be finally known … and what exactly is that ‘truth’? Powerful, independent, clever, and deadly … not ‘held down’ by all those ‘bothersome’ and ‘weak’ moral concepts that ‘ruin everybody’s fun’ … our modern ‘dark heroes’ are in fact just another medium in the war for your hearts and minds. Symbolism, coupled with action that plays on your primal or ‘reptilian brain’ (as it is often referred) which focuses on fear, fighting, sex, and ego, is but a weapon against your subconscious mind. Like a poison, it bypasses your analytical mind so that it can get right to the core, without out you ever even noticing or questioning its lethal effects. Lethal? – indeed yes! Reality, my friends, is manufactured first in the metaphysical – in the mind and in the heart – before it translates into the physical. Allow darkness in as a friend, and before you even know it, it’s shadows will obscure the truth from your awareness. Then what starts as a philosophical concept, soon will materialize into a very physical reality experience … and not simply for yourself, but affecting all others.

Light and dark can make a fine metaphor for a moral concept, but don’t be fooled – ridding ourselves of the dark and its seductive, destructive, and inefficient presence is far more involved than flipping a switch or lighting a candle. It needs to be recognized, that is for sure, but it is hardly something to be embraced … and if you believe it to be defining of the good (or the light) then I’m sorry to say that you have been duped by the ‘child with a grenade’. Compassion and tolerance, and understanding of people’s struggle within this world of duality is commendable … but let us not be gullible. There is indeed a war raging right now for your hearts and minds – and your soul – whether you wish to acknowledge it or not. I ask you to learn from the past … not to repeat it. I ask you to be aware of the dark … not to become it. The Illuminati and their many cohorts are a clever lot, who see things not simply in the moment but what each moment brings. Incrementalism is their M.O. – lies coated in candy, advertised with soft and loving words with promises of strength and knowledge, and a dependence on your good intentions and trusting natures. It may only look like Harry Potter, or simple words of ancient wisdom, but concealed beneath is a whole other realm of subconscious trickery. Like those pictures that you must stare at long enough to see the image concealed … the dark is a subtle beast, who knows your awareness and your focus are easily distracted … easily obscured by shadow, particularly once you are lead to believe that those shadows aren’t the shapes revealed by light, but what defines the light …

Good journey to you all, and best wishes to you all. May contemplation increase your awareness, and may awareness reveal to you the truth!

Careful Meaning

There are a lot of ways one could look at life … some probably wiser than others, some perhaps more practical or more problematic than others … but to find your way down to that root of our humanity and that great meaning of which we sense, but can so seldom put adequate words to, I think that you have to truly care. You have to have that ‘internal drive’ … or perhaps it’s just simple curiosity for life, or even a sense of ‘personal responsibility’ … maybe we could even call it love? But to care: to observe and question life with an open heart and an honest mind, and to seek our answers with a balance of courage and humility; that is the very cornerstone of our understanding. Without care, both in the aspects of intellectual ambition and of compassion within the soul, then meaning becomes as empty as a hermit’s address book.

Let us consider this: life is not simply something that ‘just happens to and around you’ … it is a part of you. When we look with our eyes and observe with our socially trained minds, we see people and events and days and what we ‘have to do’ … we see ourselves as participating in something outside of ourselves. It’s a logical and understandable approach … only thing is, it’s not actually true.

Some quick science, if you need it: both quantum field and gravitational theory can find an agreement. It has been shown by Daniel Grumiller, from the Vienna University of Technology, that when two quantum particles are entangled, they cannot be described individually, but instead form just a single “quantum object”, even if they are far apart from each other. Thus, on the very fine level of energy within the universe, interaction, or entanglement, is a cooperative process of creation. And, being that all energy is directed by consciousness, what we perceive ‘on the outside’ is actually fundamentally linked to who we are ‘on the inside’. Paradoxically, the division is the illusionreality alters by the frequency at which every ‘channel of consciousness’ (you) radiates … WE are the creators (not the ‘victems’) of our reality.

So now, let us try and put this more simply: every thought that you think … every action, every emotion that you feel, and every belief that you hold, influences what happens in your life. Injury, illness … joy and ‘luck’, fear and love … the people you meet and the food that you eat … it’s all connected, and perhaps more pertinently, you have the ability to influence it for the better! How? You have to care …

To care about something, you need to find time for it … but when it comes to life, never let lack of time be an excuse. Caring about life isn’t like a project, that you sit down and do … start to finish … and then you go on to something else. Sneaking-in a half hour of deep conversation between super and bedtime is great, but that’s not all there is to it. Caring is a constant … it’s with you all the time, no matter what else you may be doing. And by caring, by giving your life just that little extra bit of awareness, what you’re actually doing is setting to course a process of energies, that upon sufficient strength, shall manifest into your reality.

What will it manifest? THAT is exactly the question that you need to ask yourself, and you need to ask it with complete honesty. It is our fears and our pains which are most difficult to face, and our long-held beliefs which are the most stubborn to analyze … and it is they which often make our woes. But once you can care enough in your heart and in your mind … care enough to apply your will, and realize that, by simple nature, you are never truly powerless … then even the most daunting of reflections can be faced, and more importantly overcome. Life does indeed have meaning, and so too can it have quality … because the quality you choose to apply by your care, becomes the quality in which you ‘happen’ to live.

Ahhhh yes … but it does indeed go yet deeper, doesn’t it? -lol- for we are multidimensional beings, where there are many layers between the conscious and the subconscious, and from that which is perceived to that which is truly there. We are generally aware of only a small slice of whom and what we truly are. For that little bit of the whole equation, I think you might have to care enough to seek it out … maybe one of these little articles from Aeta2Earth might have some clues …

-lol- Best wishes to all on this journey of life. Keep thinking, keep feeling, and keep seeking what you know to be right!

The Greatest Discovery

I guess it could be said that I have always been an explorer at heart … yet at the same time I have never been particularly interested in traveling anywhere. There are many beautiful and fascinating places in this world … places that stir the imagination and awaken the wonder of our creation, but yet there is also a particular place that I know of that surpasses them all. This place that I speak of cannot be found on any map. This place that I speak of has no degree of longitude or latitude, and it is completely inaccessible by car or plane or ship. It is not near or far from home, and the only traveling costs are a bit of patience, honesty, and the will to go there. The place I speak of, is the frontier of inner space … the realm within.

Mind, and soul, and feeling … belief, and time, and creation; love and fear, and space without distance and substance without matter … these are the terrains which we each carry within us. We are inclined to forget them, when the world of paying our bills and putting food on the table forces their way into our focus, but yet I would argue that it is still of at least equal importance. Each of us has the responsibility, as living and spiritual beings, to venture beyond the borders of our so limited five senses, and into the questions of who we truly are, and why we are here. Why do I say it is our responsibility? I say that, because the well-being of all … all people, all life on this Earth (and beyond) hinges on that very journey. Everyone and everything is connected by that primordial tether of energy … energy, imbued with consciousness and focused through awareness into the holographic form that we call reality.

The entrance to the corridors of physical creation is through our understanding … of ourselves, of each other, and of the world which we perceive. ALL is of the mind … of emotion and of thought, and of our ability to find meaning within them. We face an epoch where the veil of our own ignorance about ourselves and of reality itself, is lifting, and revealing, to guide us towards that next level of spiritual evolution. Should we cling to that familiar past, and refuse the opportunity presented to us now by continuing to deny the very essence of our reality, then we will find ourselves within a maze that goes nowhere but back upon itself. However, if we should be bold, and provide ourselves the time to look deeper into the cosmos we carry within, then the future we shall create will be one of amazing potential.

You cannot simply say that you are the creator of your experience and expect it to be so … expect it to instantaneously transform by the desires of your conscious mind. It is not ‘mind over matter’ … mind IS the matter, and connecting to that truth so that reality can alter into a better state takes time and dedication. What’s more, one must realize that the mind of our creation goes far beyond our mere conscious thoughts … beyond even our subconscious thoughts. One must learn to tune themselves to those higher frequencies of the superconsciousness, where we direct our experiences according to lessons and meanings for spiritual growth, not worldly desires and aspirations. This means that you cannot get there by thinking and feeling in the same old patterns of personal disempowerment. The solution lies not in the doctor, or the PhD, or even the mystical guru … the solution lies within your willingness to find and accept the truth of who and what you really are: a portion of the eternal One, which is the consciousness of (as the author Jane Roberts and Seth might say) all that is.

Do not be confused, for what I am talking about has nothing to do with belief … it is knowing. And knowing isn’t simply a strength in belief, that refuses to accept anything beyond … quite the contrary, it is the realization of truth, regardless of your personal beliefs. To know who you are, by the deepest levels of your being, is to move beyond those fears and pains … beyond those ideas so deeply programmed into us … beyond those concepts which for so long have governed our most basic perceptions, and into that realm of discovery where words fail but feelings find … find the truth, of the divine nature within us all. You have to feel it to know it, and you have to have both the honesty and the will to feel it. You have to have the patience and humility to know that this connection and understanding is not something to be obtained over the weekend … or over a single year, or even a lifetime. It is not a destination, rather it is a direction charted by the heart and your growing awareness. Nothing stands in the way of your knowing, but yourself

Good journey to you all, and best wishes. The power is within you, but you must first learn who you are before you can truly wield it …

Shattered Illusion

It is an unfortunate observation of mine, that the minds of humanity seem ever more automated these days … programmed to think, feel, and react not according to any genuine source within, but rather according to whatever the constant stream of social engineering dictates. Originality, not in terms of invention but in terms of mentality, has become increasingly rare. Most people speak only the words that they have been fed … feel only what they have been told to feel … see, only what they have been trained to see. Reality, it might seem, has been made into a counterfeit version truth, and the tragedy of it is, is that practically no one seems to even notice …

It’s a brilliant plan actually … brilliant and diabolical. So subtle, and yet so ingrained … people truly believe that all of their thoughts and feelings are undoubtedly their own, and it would never even occur to them that they could be anything but. I hesitate to say this, however the plain truth is that very few of you who even bother to read this will have any idea what I’m talking about … although most of you will nod your heads, and insist that you do. Of course, that is part of the program: to filter information through ego, and believe you have obtained understanding, when in fact that information has merely scratched the surface without penetrating into the deeper levels of actual comprehension. That way truth becomes impotent, yet you can believe it has already been obtained … and so the matrix of control perpetuates in a ring that seems to show movement, but in fact goes nowhere. Believe me, it is a very old game …

People have largely been confined into tidy little boxes of image, perception, and roles to be played. This creates a very convincing illusion of diversity, which will strongly suggest to you that my words are invalid, and simply the rantings of some unknown fool who thinks too highly of himself … or yet another orator spouting lines from a Facebook page, who thinks he has a monopoly on the truth. Perhaps you might even say to me that “everyone has their own truth” … that “life is what we make of it”, or quote me some other line of someone else’s words. I wonder how many of you notice the irony – how wisdom made popular in phrases such as those is so often lost in repetition, and fails to reach the true core of meaning. We say such phrases with pride, then as one moment passes to another, we wear our T-shirt adorned with a skull and slide a finger across the screen of our latest and greatest smart phone, whispering “Namaste” and sending our love … while laughing with our friends at the latest episode as seen on Vudu (coincidence that it is a play on the art of dark magic?), or the aptly named “world-wide-web”… can you see it?

Unfortunately, it is probably the creators of this global war upon the hearts, minds, and souls of humanity who will understand the subtlety of my choice words the most … those who laugh at the great masses who are oblivious to the language and methods of ‘the mysteries’. To those few of you who are not of that elite and ‘chosen’ community, but through vigilance, experience, and insight have breached the veil of ancient illusion, you know as well as I that life is a communication on many different levels … and that the truth is all around us, simply covered-up by the mask of time and careful presentation. It is you few and nameless, hidden amongst the many, who can break the code of this reality … and it is you few, to whom I speak now.

Our task seems daunting – to help free others from the chains of their social programming. We are opposed by iron egos and deeply rooted fears within the people, and the masterful strategy of those architects of the madness and of this false reality, whose claimed ‘authority’ is but seldom challenged. We face a barrier within the people, who are so utterly convinced that they are operating purely by their own that any notion to the contrary seems absurd to them. Yet they are not sovereigns of their own minds and hearts … not yet … for they have been raised in the illusion, and for many that is all they have ever known. Trace their responses and reactions back to their origins, and more often than not you will find that they came from TV shows, orchestrated belief systems, and media characters designed to impress, confuse, and guide them along a path of disempowerment with promises of just the opposite.

So how is this barrier breached? How can that true connection be made … which penetrates those years and years of mental mire, so heaped upon the social consciousness, and buried deep within the subconscious? What determines that ‘spark’ that some seem to carry, while others seem to have extinguished? How I wish I could provide a conclusive answer to those questions … but all I have is some simple advise: lead by example, and have patience … wield your knowledge carefully and compassionately, and never forget that the object of your interaction with them is an attempt to aid them, and not your own ego or satisfaction. If they can recognize the wisdom, and love, and learn, and change … then you know your continuing efforts will not be in vein. But if they cannot … if they continue to nod their heads as if they understand and agree, while proceeding in the same old patterns of programmed life … then we must conclude that it is not yet their time, and we must move on.

Subtlety is a fine tactic, for it provides the opportunity for your ‘student’ to show you that their awakening is genuine and not simply an attempt to please you with all the ‘right answers’ … however, the subtlety of your example is often (in my experience) missed by those whose preoccupation with the false reality has become such a part of their perceived identity, that they would feel quite naked without it. The direct approach can sometimes have the effect of ‘shocking’ them into seeing things more clearly … yet it also has the potential hazard of being met by the rejection of ego, which tells them that any error of their beliefs somehow makes them less. It is a hard balance of discernment, to know which method might work better.

Ultimately it is the choice of every individual whether or not they shall awaken to the meanings of life … and of their own being. We can only do so much to help guide them … but it is they who must ultimately make the journey. Yet you can also take comfort, for in a sense that journey has already long been made. We have simply but to navigate through one dimension unto the next – and if you understand time, perhaps you will understand that cryptic statement. The ‘masters of the mysteries’ and the purveyors of falsehoods have already lost this war, for they have been in error from the very beginning – fooled by the same illusion that they themselves have created. And to the unaware whom we try to heal … well, they too are as multidimensional as we – and so what they live as now, is still hardly all that they are … whether they (or we ) are aware of it, or not …

Our numbers may be few, but span many lives … and the qualities of wisdom, compassion, and foresight shall never be banished from our souls. We are not lambs upon the alter, nor are we without strength. The sleeping masses may not recognize us, or heed the message that we offer them, but this is hardly a contest of numbers. Stay strong, my friends, and never forget who you truly are … and why we have come to this epoch. Reality shifts like the dunes of a desert – by the winds of change upon the terrain of the mind, and that which is seen today may vanish by tomorrow. So take heart by this journey … live by what you know, and by what you feel deep-down inside. Humanity, no matter how blind most are now, inevitably will find the lesson …

Best wishes to all.

So Much More …

“Who am I?” – it is a question with a deep and powerful answer. It is also a question, of course, that can have many answers, dependent upon which perspective you choose to take. For myself, for example, it could be said that I am Dan – a writer, philosopher, and a historian living and working in the great land of northern Minnesota, USA … or it could be said that I am a man of great passion for my work, with the intention of sharing my contemplations for hope that they might provide others with a bit of wisdom or comfort, or at least encourage a degree of consideration about the true meanings of life. However, when we explore the many facets and features of this reality … combining not simply one or two views, but many … a greater truth begins to emerge. Like so many pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, coming together one part at a time to form a fuller picture, life (I find) is made of many small glimpses – bits and pieces of truth – that must be assembled to truly be understood.

What I said about myself is true … and every one of us could say something similar … but that is hardly the complete picture, is it? For starters, let us bring-in the issue of time, for the nature of time is every bit as much a part of you as the flesh and bones of your physical body. When we collaborate the ideas of such keen minds as David Bohm and his “Implicate Order and Explicate Order”, Stephen Hawking and his “No Boundary Proposal”, Albert Einstein’s theory of Relativity and 4th dimensional timespace, and Hugh Everett’s “Many Worlds Theory” (to name a few), we find that time truly can be said to be an illusion. Add to this scientific collective, the teachings of ancient esoteric wisdom as found in Buddhism, the Gnostics, Nestorian Christianity, Hinduism, and the writings of Plato (again, to name just a few), and we are presented with a view of ourselves that can become simply mind-boggling! Many incarnations … throughout both our perceived ‘past’ and ‘future’ … all existing simultaneously, in a perpetual ‘now’ … it’s a lot to try and wrap one’s mind around, however the evidence (both in my opinion and in my experience) is simply undeniable.

So let that sink-in for a moment: that ‘who you are’ is an essential infinity of possibilities, probabilities, experience and movement of consciousness through many, many layers of reality. Now, for the sake of our progression as ‘aspects of the entirety’, we are generally only consciously aware of one, or a few, of these dimensions to our being – nature’s ‘little helper’ that allows us to contemplate one small piece at any given moment so that understanding may better be achieved and assimilated. Hence we have the perception of linear time – time that seems to move in a single direction, from ‘here’ to there’. Yet, when we delve deeply into the question of who we are in our totality, we find that such a concept cannot be completely divorced from our understanding, as every life to which you have incarnated, affects all others. Furthermore, each of those ‘other lives’ is, in actuality, continually developing and changing as we do in our current ‘now’, or point of focus.

In our daily lives we typically consider ourselves to be singular … just one little person strolling along through space, one day at a time. ‘I’m nobody special’ we say … ‘I’m nobody of significance’ and what I do or think or feel ‘doesn’t really matter’. In fact, it IS matter, in the most literal sense! And the importance of each and every one of us may not be noticed by your boss at work or the politicians or the people next door, or even by yourself, but noticed or not it is indeed there! What’s more, it can be accessed … for once again, ‘it’ is not something outside of yourself, but something which is yourself, at all times and in all places. If you’re familiar with my work than you know I have talked about what I call ‘the language of life’ – that’s what this is … the fundamental energy of your ever-evolving consciousness … information, both mental and emotional, translating itself through holographic reality into this silly little experience that we call ‘life’. Learn to hear that ‘language’ … that communication between our conscious minds and ‘nature’s mind’ which is all around us … and truly any question can be answered! I know: “easier said than done”, right? But it might not be quite so hard as you suppose, if at first you have the will and the focus to LISTEN. Listen to your heart, and listen to your mind … listen to those around you and use both your intuition and your analytical senses to help discover the hidden truth. It’s a journey well worth taking, because once you teach yourself to hear that language of life, why then my friends, you can learn how to begin to speak it … and that is where reality REALLY begins to get interesting!

The power is within you – the ability and the knowledge, is within you … take that step with an open mind and a pure heart my fellow Humans, for who you think you are right now, is only just the beginning …

-Good journey to you all-

Simply Genius

I would like to start today by sharing a little history with you. I’ve always been a fan of Albert Einstein’s work … in my opinion he was a man of much wisdom, as well as vision. Unlike many in the field of ‘orthodox science’, he considered the spiritual aspects of this reality as much as he did the physical. In the late 1980s, Lieserl (the daughter of the famous genius) donated 1,400 letters written by her father to the Hebrew University. He gave her instructions not to publish their contents until two decades after his death, when perhaps the world might be more receptive to their contents. One of them reads as follows:

“When I proposed the theory of relativity, very few understood me, and what I will reveal now to transmit to mankind will also collide with the misunderstanding and prejudice in the world.

I ask you to guard the letters as long as necessary, years, decades, until society is advanced enough to accept what I will explain below.

There is an extremely powerful force that, so far, science has not found a formal explanation to. It is a force that includes and governs all others, and is even behind any phenomenon operating in the universe and has not yet been identified by us. This universal force is LOVE.

When scientists looked for a unified theory of the universe they forgot the most powerful unseen force. Love is Light, that enlightens those who give and receive it. Love is gravity, because it makes some people feel attracted to others. Love is power, because it multiplies the best we have, and allows humanity not to be extinguished in their blind selfishness. Love unfolds and reveals. For love we live and die. Love is God and God is Love.

This force explains everything and gives meaning to life. This is the variable that we have ignored for too long, maybe because we are afraid of love because it is the only energy in the universe that man has not learned to drive at will.

To give visibility to love, I made a simple substitution in my most famous equation. If instead of E = mc2, we accept that the energy to heal the world can be obtained through love multiplied by the speed of light squared, we arrive at the conclusion that love is the most powerful force there is, because it has no limits.

After the failure of humanity in the use and control of the other forces of the universe that have turned against us, it is urgent that we nourish ourselves with another kind of energy…

If we want our species to survive, if we are to find meaning in life, if we want to save the world and every sentient being that inhabits it, love is the one and only answer.

Perhaps we are not yet ready to make a bomb of love, a device powerful enough to entirely destroy the hate, selfishness and greed that devastate the planet.

However, each individual carries within them a small but powerful generator of love whose energy is waiting to be released.

When we learn to give and receive this universal energy, dear Lieserl, we will have affirmed that love conquers all, is able to transcend everything and anything, because love is the quintessence of life.

I deeply regret not having been able to express what is in my heart, which has quietly beaten for you all my life. Maybe it’s too late to apologize, but as time is relative, I need to tell you that I love you and thanks to you I have reached the ultimate answer! “.

Your father,
Albert Einstein

Interesting, isn’t it? So, to encapsulate the heart of what he had written in this letter, we could say that energy (the very primal ‘material’ of this reality) is, in actuality, a moral force of consciousness. It tells us that what we call love is the underlying source of all creation. It also reaffirms that this ‘source’ can be generated within each and every one of us … suggesting that we are, in truth, creators of our own reality.

Now, interestingly, Einstein never cared for the early ideas of quantum physics, which believed in a so called ‘randomness’ of matter on the subatomic level. Yet, discoveries in the field after his death revealed (in the famous ‘two-slit experiment’) that reality is directly affected by our awareness and observation of it … that mind and matter share an intimate connection. Of course, this is what the esoterics have been telling us for millennia … it just took the scientists a bit of time to catch-up with and accept what was long understood  intuitively. And indeed, such a concept has been gradually finding its way more and more into the awareness of the ‘Western’ peoples … however, it still generally is only recognized (ironically) on a very intellectual level, and is seldom applied into the doings of daily life.

In a society where ‘power’ is often measured in dollar signs, and ‘intelligence’ is often perceived as those who have been fully indoctrinated into a system of politically manipulated ‘education’, it is no wonder that most will miss the truly deep and profound implications of this knowledge … missed by, and even feared. Same as the ‘free energy’ technologies (that have been with us even prior to the time of Nicola Tesla), such a knowledge posses quite a threat to the established rulers and authorities of this world. A redefinition of who and what we are, totally turns one’s perception of reality on its head, and the control base of our society suddenly crumbles on its foundation of illusions. And, to many, what could be more terrifying?

If necessity is the mother of invention, than perhaps we could say that mind is the father. It is easy to see, if one truly dares to look, that there is a serious need of change for our society. We have reached a point in the cycle of time where not only our lives and the world is in potential jeopardy, but even more importantly, so is our humanity. We have become so arrogant and fearful, so distracted and blind, that we spend more time trying to validate ‘where we are’ than ‘where we are going’. If you look at the media’s point of view, as represented in all of these ‘bleak future’ movies and literature, I would say society is, in large, trying to create a reality that one could hardly call pleasant and prosperous. Does this address the needs of humanity … do these mentalities warn us of the future, or do they instead help only to create it? The answer of course, is both …

So, being personally dissatisfied with the matrix of our society, I believe it is time to face that fact that profound change is most definitely needed, and by understanding the wisdom of men like Einstein (and plenty others), I must say that the catalyst of that change can be found within each and every one of us … in the ability of our minds to first perceive a better alternative, and then in the power of our hearts (our love) to bring that vision to fruition. LOVE is the metaphorical child of ‘mother necessity’ and ‘father mind’ … the creation that is consciousness, and the key to our continuation. It really can be made that simple – that when we create our reality through love, reality expands indefinitely … ‘multiplied by time and space’ … and that my friends, is the grand solution!

Good journey to you all – find truth, feel love, and make this reality something that we can all be proud of! The power, and the answer, is in YOU!

Wise To Listen

Opinions are tricky things, aren’t they? Everyone has them and yet not everyone truly realizes them … realizes that there is a difference between arbitrary conclusions, knee-jerk emotional reactions, conjecture, lies, and carefully studied and informed perspectives with honest intentions. For some, it would seem, all of the aforementioned are equal in their validity towards the truth – others assign ‘validity’ to sources that they dare not even question. But we are bombarded with opinions … opinions made by people who (often times) have never learned to listen and think, before they speak. Thus, when one searches the ‘labyrinths of knowledge’ – the internet in particular – they tend to find only a maze of delirium and confusion.

It takes time to sort through all of the ‘mental garbage’ out there … and it takes dedication too. Discernment is not necessarily a simple task, when it is done with the care needed to make it into wisdom. Ultimately, it must be admitted, there is the possibility of error too, of course … so when you get right down to it, all we can do is our honest best – do our best to recognize truth and welcome wisdom – and that means we have to take the time first to listen … but listen with more than just our ears.

Judgements can come swift, and sometimes upon the most insignificant of things. We all have our inclinations … raised in ‘this belief system’ or ‘that one’, having experienced ‘this in life’ or ‘that’ … inclinations to trust, or not trust, a certain source of information simply because ‘that’s always been the accepted reality’. So being objective is not something most people are inclined to … they tend to see things (understandably) from but a singular point of view. Now, although this singular point of view certainly makes life more simple, I have to say (-lol- in my studied and honest opinion) that it in no way fully captures the great many dimensions of this reality … that life is not a ‘flat picture’ but an entire world where wisdom, to be known, must be seen from all sides.

And there’s the funny thing about truth and wisdom … it’s only heard by those who are willing (or ready) to hear it … hear it, even if it slaps them in the face about all that they thought and felt they ‘knew’. Putting ego aside for the sake of a deeper understanding is a very rare ability these days … yet it also wouldn’t have to be. When we find ourselves to be wrong in our thinking, we are inclined to take it as an attack on the ego. We are offended … at what, the opportunity to grow and improve ourselves? Or we devastated, and bash ourselves into over-humility … why? Shouldn’t compassion and forgiveness extend even to the self? Reality can be a hard thing to face … and it takes a certain mentality to do so. First, of course, you have to have the desire to know and to understand life. Second, you have to have an open mind … be receptive to new or different ideas. And third is the trickiest: you have to have discernment … use both your logic AND your intuition, from an objective standpoint, to try and recognize the b.s. from the beauty.

The search for truth and wisdom is very much what this whole ‘life experience’ is about, right? So it takes a bit of contemplation and practice to do it well … you have to learn how to listen, and analyze things with the heart as much as with the head. Then you’ve got to learn how to speak … to share your knowledge with others, so that we can all continue to build our understanding together – after all, reality IS a cooperative process, isn’t it?

What a balancing act, eh’? I for one find it a rather fun challenge, but fun or not, I can’t help but to feel that this world could use a few more ‘seekers’ … people who care enough about humanity to WANT to find and face the truth of our being … who see the value of living life with wisdom, and take-on the responsibility of being a creator in this reality.

So anyways, there’s another opinion for you to listen to and consider … or not. Best wishes and good journey to you all!

A Different Sight

For a great deal of our history, most of mankind has perceived life as something largely outside of themselves. Thoughts and feelings hide in the inner corridors of personal experience, but beyond that it is a solid game of chance, circumstance, and/or fate … something that just happens, to which we can only react to. Whether it is the raging of a thunderstorm outside of our window or the churning of a ‘dis-ease’ inside inside of our bodies, experience (it would seem) is a phenomenon that is somehow beyond our control, and often beyond our understanding. Because of this, we have been taught to rely on various and established systems of belief, and their authorized orators, to explain ‘truth’ and give comfort to our fears. We believe ourselves to be, ultimately, quite powerless before the massive machine which ‘determines our reality’ … we are, after all, but small and insignificant people for whom history will spare no page. We are the ‘masses’, for whom life is mostly just about ‘doing what you have to do’ …

If you look deep into the waters of social psychology, I think you’ll find that much of what I have just said, is unfortunately fairly accurate … and not just for the modern mindset, but also for the basic mindset which has endured through thousands of years of our history. It is a description that plenty would also deny, however when one looks not at what ‘seems upon the surface, but what swims beyond’, one realizes that these denials are often a case of lack in perspicacity – or in other words, the subconscious and the conscious are not always in agreement …

Yet, recognizing the condition of our human experience is elementary. The next step is in attempting to affect change, where change is thought to be needed – needed for the betterment of our life experiences. For this step, we are supplied an apparent abundance of options by our chosen ‘authorities’ … options complete with a price sticker in both dollars AND sense … options which support the belief system from which it is presented, and options which steer one’s life experiences to a set course, determined by ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’ … or chance. However here again, what we often find just reinforces those long-standing subconscious barriers of change … in the end showing itself not to be a grand freedom of choice but a single choice disguised by careful rhetoric. My proof? Ask yourself why history so determinedly repeats … not in terms of technology, but in terms of humanity. Here’s a little example: did you know that in over the past 5,000 years, there has been only a few hundred of those years where we have had no record of some war … and that actually, since the end of World War II, we have had more wars than in the past 2,000? Those are rather staggering statistics, aren’t they! Now, realize that behind all of those wars, and from the bombing of Hiroshima down to the nasty little thought that you just had about your co-worker, there is a specific mentality that binds them all, and perpetuates a system whereby more conflicts are inevitable. A singularity, which we call ‘mass reality’, is formed by our continued subconscious (and conscious) support of a flawed (or rather contrived) system of beliefs, designed to prevent true change … change on the profound level of our humanity, and our existence as spiritual beings.

To use the social vernacular, what we’re talking about here is ‘the matrix’ … the manipulated and false reality of our beliefs and our physical senses. We’re talking about social programing … mass mind control – or gubernare mentis as is said in Latin (meaning control and mind – from where we get the English word ‘government’). And its roots run VERY deep …

So, how do we start to move beyond all this … this tangled web between mind, perception, and reality? Well logically, since the ‘mainstream of authority’ – be they religious, scientific, or any denomination between – have obviously failed, what we’re looking for is something totally different … a new perception for our reality that is not dis-empowering, rather self-empowering yet cooperative, and conducive to positive change. Which means we need to look at everything in a new and different way, from how we feel about each other to how we heat our homes at night, to how we create the reality that which we experience. I call it: the Revolution of Humanity – the awakening of people from that ‘matrix’ life, to the beautiful truth that is behind their creation, and their purpose. It’s a journey into the greatest depths of our souls, and a challenge to all that we think we know, and what we think ‘must be’ … but it is also a journey of paramount importance, for those who maintain that rare and fading quality: care. You have to care … about the truth and about life itself … about those questions of why and how and what, and about living life in a way that benefits all. You have to learn how to see life differently … see it without the disguises of social presentation … see reality for what it truly is …

Needless to say, this short article is not the answer, it’s only a beginning – the rest, you have to start discovering for yourself … and I truly hope you care enough to try.

-Good journey to you all-

Free: Thinking

Have you ever just stopped and realized, that a great many of the problems in this world never had to be … if but only people would have used a bit of ‘common sense’? I don’t think most people even really know what ‘common sense’ is anymore … it seems to be a thing somehow lost in time … something maybe parents taught once, but not now. Or maybe it’s never actually been that common. Maybe that’s why I shudder when I see these posts on social networks saying: ‘don’t think’ – ‘stop thinking’ … I consider the historical results of such a mindset. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand the benefits of clearing one’s mind of all the chatter in order to connect to higher consciousness, and I know the health benefits of relieving yourself from the stress of over-thinking … and I realize that there are circumstances were action is imperative, without the luxury of intellectual consideration … but don’t they realize that ‘not thinking’ has caused some of the most tragic calamities in all of human existence! Must I remind them that ignorance is to the pleasure of tyrants? Must I explain to them that ‘yes, sometimes lessons can be learned from our follies, but there is a better way – it’s called common sense’ … it’s called the ability to reason and to learn from the examples of those before us, rather than repeat the same old dumb mistakes again, over and over. But most people don’t really understand that, do they? If they did, the world would be a far different thing then it is today …

I say that you’ve got to think things through – as best you can and as best as circumstances allow – otherwise we tend to follow whatever scenario has simply been programed into us – whatever formula and repetition of patterns that has been injected into us by the media, and culture, and our religions … so we never really evolve as humanity. The mentality of still many people, hasn’t really changed in over 10,000 years of life … they’re still warring with each other, still making their petty and prejudicial judgements, still afraid off their own shadows … still so lost in their anger and their egos, that they can’t seem to realize the simple, sensible little truth that is right in front of their noses: that life is what we make of it, and when we make it with a bit of wisdom and sense, then everyone has the chance to prosper – everyone has the opportunity to grow and to evolve. No, you’re not going to build a commercial/industrial empire out of such a compassionate understanding, but you will build something far more lasting AND more valuable: a revolution of humanity.

Some of our biggest challenges out there can truly be solved, or at least greatly lessened, by some of the smallest decisions that we make right here. What is the most powerful force in all of time? – An idea … an understanding about who we are and why we are … THAT is what molds our future – that is what forms our reality. So maybe it’s worth that little extra effort … that moment of consideration and contemplation … where we use our common sense and we use our hearts and our minds to find an understanding – that life changes as we do, so we had better start changing to something more than what has been. The future is in our hands now, the ability to change it is with us now … so I say, let us attempt to choose wisely.

Good journey to all – keep thinking, keep feeling, keep learning – the answers you seek are found within …

Mind and Heart

If but we could see through the eyes of the Earth, what an incredible portrait we could paint … for the Earth sees all equally in life, and doesn’t discern it as we do. It doesn’t neglect the consciousness of any being, and it recognizes life in everything … for indeed life is in everything,  not simply what we learn to be aware of. Anyone who has truly bonded with an animal, can recognize the emotion and the depth that it has … yet few recognize that the same spark of consciousness can be found in the plants that surround us, or even more so, in the very stone and soil beneath our feet. Rarely do we acknowledge the consciousness of clouds, or even of air … however some seem to find it in their computers, or in their cars when they won’t start in winter -lol- but in truth, consciousness can be found there as well! The proof is in our understanding – not just through the mind, but through the heart …

December 23, 2013 – The New Yorker did and article called ‘The Intelligent Plant’ … a good read. There’s also a lot of other fascinating stuff out there: Collective Evolution’s article – ‘Does the Earth Have Its Own Consciousness’ … or the Daily Mail’s article from November 17, 2009 on the consciousness of insects … just a few pieces from a plethora of information that’s available out there! Once again, science is slowly catching-up with what our ancestors knew intuitively: that existence itself is born of consciousness, and that understanding consciousness is key to our understanding of reality. What is more, once this comprehension can go beyond raw intellect and into the sphere of emotion, then we can also discover the very root of our own humanity: compassion.

It’s all connected … from the thoughts we breathe to the air we imagine … all parts of one universal ‘being’ that we call life. It’s easier to experience compassion when you see how things tie together – how everything relates. Thing is, most people don’t see it … they are unaware, not only of much that surrounds them, but also of the significance of what surrounds them. And, because people lack the general awareness that everything is connected by consciousness, they believe their actions and their creations are ultimately of little consequence. Whether it’s building a machine to contain information or the dismissal of a friend in need, that we place these things apart from us, is a failing of our awareness to realize just what the reality truthfully is.

There is a use for both mind and heart towards understanding our reality … both logic and love grant layers of understanding that the other often fails to perceive. As co-creators, as spiritual beings with a desire to make good use of our lives, let us make good use of our consciousness … let us learn to be responsible for and with, what we create … be those creations our actions or our technologies; our thoughts or our feelings. For, it is with that awareness – with that compassion – that we can truly change the world … by changing ourselves, and finally learning the lesson that history as pleaded with us to find for so very, very long: HUMANITY.

It’s a fascinating phenomenon that we have going here … this thing called ‘life’. I think we’d best take a new look at it, with eyes for understanding inclusion rather than exclusion … with the awareness and consideration of what wise people have shown. For, in the greater perspective of time, it’s not so much what life makes of you, but what you make of life that counts! So with that sentiment, I wish you all a good journey – and know it not just in your head, but in your heart