Paradigm of Fear

Boy, what a party-pooper I am! Don’t I know that Halloween is just a holiday of fun for the kids? What’s the big deal? Candy and costumes … there’s nothing wrong with that! And hey, my kids aren’t even going as zombies and witches – just angels and bunnies! So how is this such a bad thing? Mr. Thomas, you’ve gone too far! Or have I …

Once again, the stores are filled with decorations of bats and jack-o-lanterns, and stocked with all the best sweets and over-priced plastic ‘joy’ that money can buy. Innocent smiles on the faces of little children mingle with the ignorant thrill of teenagers (and many adults) for the fantasy of disguise … in a celebration of the ‘fun of fear’ and the whimsy of commercial imagination. Those without any spiritual understanding, or sense about the true nature of our existence, strive to imitate the worst nightmares of inhumanity … while those who, by religious dogma (without full comprehension) or conscience and good intent, attempt to soften the holiday with a more positive imagery. Yes, Halloween: one of the biggest holidays of the year! But what the ‘Hell’ is it all about? No, no – this isn’t an article about the so called Pagan origins … and no, it isn’t about any religious interpretations either. What I’m going to talk about here, is the energy of the event – what it is and how it affects the reality as we know it. Because, in my humble opinion, that is what it is all about!

Let’s start here: all is energy – I’ve said this a million times. Our thoughts, our feelings … our beliefs and our perceptions … all generate a frequency of energy which creates the reality that we experience (that’s the short version). Most of this occurs without our awareness of it. Typically, it never even occurs to people that whatever is going-on in the inner world of our minds, alters what is going-on in the world around us. What’s more, most people don’t realize that this frequency generation and manifestation of reality occurs not simply on the conscious level, but also the subconscious level, and the superconscious level as well. Intention plays a role in it, of course … but even good intentions can fail when there is a lack of wisdom and understanding to go with them. Herein lies the subtlety of life.

It IS a good intention to try and soften Halloween by avoiding the most gruesome and violent aspects of the holiday … focusing on genuinely cute and lovable costumes, the pleasure of treats, and the fun of pretending. In no way do I condemn this, or claim that a toddler dressed as a smiling pumpkin is somehow ‘evil’. However, I ask those of you who bother to read my words and contemplate life from a deeper level, to consider what might be called the ‘pyramid scheme of influence’, and the ‘collective equation of manifestation’. Now, let me explain just what those ‘smart sounding’ terms mean:

The manifestation of reality is a cooperative process. My resonant frequency combines with yours, and yours with another, and so on … all the way from the individual to the whole of humanity. The power or strength of each part, or individual, varies according to the degree of focus and will that is applied. The more people focus on an agreed concept of reality – the more energy that concept has – the greater its ‘reality’ or influence becomes. Here’s a very simple example: we all ‘know’ that people cannot fly (without some form of technology). There is a general agreement on this (on the subconscious level, specifically) … an agreement that gravity exists, and that we as human beings are not naturally equipped with the means to substantially counter it. Because of this agreement, which forms a collective of energy, flight is not a part of our mass reality … we ‘know’ that we can’t, and so … we can’t. Or try this example: you can read these words because they are written in letters … two-dimensional symbols combined to represent a specific concept … the concept they represent is communicated to you, because of a conscious agreement (among English language-users) on the symbol’s meaning. Or to put this in the lingo of energy, harmony of vibrations occurs when the resonance of each field aligns … thus amplifying, and impacting the conditions more absolutely. Did I lose you? Okay, let’s just make it real simple: the more that is put into something, the more can come out of it.

Now, ultimately it is possible for an individual to override the mass reality. -lol- I’ll just throw that out there to confuse things all the more. But the point is, all of this negative energy that is being put out there with Halloween affects the reality which we experience. The more negativity from people, the more (generally speaking) negative our reality becomes. AND – the more people are accepting of such negativity, or supplying energy unwittingly to it by ‘celebrating’ (even in innocence), the stronger that negative reality can become. Like Edmund Burke once said: “All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”. Einstein talked about this as well … about the energy you put out there being the energy that will come back. It’s hardly a radical notion – it’s simply logical, when you realize that even the energy of ‘fantasy’, is very real indeed … and it is pertinent.

It gets down to the question: what kind of reality do you want to create – what kind of reality are WE going to make? Personally, after so many thousands of years of the same old ‘Hell’ on earth – the hate, the pain, the fear – I think it’s high time we at least try to change it into something better! Maybe we need a holiday celebrating the courage of kindness? -lol- Well it’s a thought …

Goodwill to you all, and good journey … keep thinking, keep feeling … and never forget that life is not made by what we find outside of us, but what we knowinside of us!

The Alternative

We live in a society that often encourages a sense of dis-empowerment. Reality, they would have us believe, is something that happens to you … and so you must react. Consequently we live within a society of people who, from the wounds of their experiences, have come to believe (subconsciously at least) that they are powerless. This sense of powerlessness becomes a disconnect from their own source of life … their ability to create, and to generate the life-force – the energy – to grow. They forget who and what they truly are. They become sad … or angry, or intolerant … for a part of them knows that something is missing … that something isn’t right. There is this ‘hole’ within them that life seems to be conspiring to keep open … and they seek to fill it. How? By trying to take the life – the energy or the power – from others.

Now, words like ‘power’ and ‘take’ tend to conjure some rather dramatic images. Indeed, this common feeling of powerlessness and externalized reality has manifested in some incredibly dramatic and tragic ways! However, for most people, it is a bit more subtle … or at least not quite on  the scale of global war. The same basic process is being used though, and it’s being used everyday in the squabbles, criticisms, and ‘poor-me’ acts of people who have forgotten (or never learned) that reality doesn’t ‘just happen’, but is created by your understanding of yourself and the truth of your own inner-ability.

Have you ever wondered why vampires are so popular? Beings who are disturbed by the light of day, and must drain the life of others to survive … or zombies, who are the dead made animate, and seek to destroy the living. What about Harry Potter and his (often demented) magic … or Batman, the so called ‘Dark Knight’ whose childhood trauma inspires him to ‘righteous vengeance’? All of these characters contain that element of shadows and darkness, and each gains ‘power’ from or over others. Fallible as they may be, each becomes a sort of legend or legacy – a symbol of power (ironically ‘fictional’) … the power that, subconsciously and/or consciously, so many people wish that they had …

This is social mind control at its finest – with the power of media and industry behind it. That these, and many other, popular social phenomenons communicate such a warped perspective about life is hardly unintentional, however that is a subject too involved for this post … instead let us simply realize that what we ‘enjoy as entertainment’ speaks loudly of what is going on within us – a possible reflection of the same ‘hole’, the same lack of understanding, the same fear that hides in the shadows of our own psyches. Ultimately, most of it is about a quest for power, for people who have been led to believe that they have none …

Terrorism! – Cancer! – the IRS! – Asteroids plummeting toward the Earth, and ‘God’s judgment’ upon your soul! … fear, creating a sense of powerlessness, is both pervasive and potent to our society. These forms of global frequency modulation, or manipulation of Humanity on the energy level of being, can be a daunting force to deal with. Yet, again quite ironically, these ‘great forces’ of negative energy can only endure so long as we allow them to, by not understanding what they truly are … and who we truly are, behind the veil of reality that is ‘given’ to us. Choose not to fear – by understanding the truth – and reality can change in the blink of an eye.

So what is the truth about power … what is that ‘understanding’ that seems so lacking? Well, one could write an entire book trying to cover all of the angles -lol- which I have (tried) … but for now let us boil-it-down to this: power is your ability to see life from beyond its limited appearance … to recognize that it is not something that happens around you, but something that happens within you. Power is the knowing that YOU are the creator, or co-creator, of every experience which you have, and that ‘hole’ which you feel and try to fill with the energy you can get from others, is actually the illusion of your own ‘insignificance’ … it is your fear.

You don’t need to seek power from or over others … such a dependence really isn’t power at all! You don’t need to be afraid of the future … the future is what we choose to create right now, and that is always shifting and changing by the degree which we come to understand it, and by the intentions by which we move towards it. The power is already there … it is within each and every one of us. The question which we must ask, is what kind of reality are you ready to understand and experience now – the old matrix of fear and externalization, or the truth … that you are the power, and that your life, is a journey of great and profound meaning.

Best wishes to all … keep feeling, keep thinking, keep questioning – the answers CAN be found, if we are but bold enough to look!

World Within

Have you ever just stood there and wondered about everything – about people, about the world, about yourself … deep thoughts about why things are the way they are? Have you ever felt like there must be some sort of meaning to all this … some meaning for you?

As people who have a desire to understand life, we look around at this world and what do we see … honestly … what do we find? The answer is boggling, isn’t it – a full spectrum from the most beautiful acts of spirit to the most tragic  acts of hate. We see all of the horrible problems for the world, yet along side of them, we can still find things of such purity and love that it melts our very souls within. As an emotional being, tears can come to my eyes from either case … and I wonder … I wonder how it can be.

It’s a lot to look at … a lot to try and process.  Sometimes I think it helps to bring my focus around to just one piece at a time … of course, the problem I often encounter with taking it ‘one piece at a time’, is that each piece ends up having a whole other puzzle inside of it! One thing always leads to another, doesn’t it? Actually I think it’s rather a fascinating game – of learning, discovery, and new levels of perception or consciousness … a game that keeps you guessing where it will take you next.

But you know, at the end of the day, life always kind of boils-down to you … because no matter where else you want to look at on that ‘big picture’ of life, what is seen will always depend upon you, and your individual ability to understand it. I suppose then, that it really could be said that ‘the world’ is equally found within you … because that’s how you must know it. And, when we consider what we have talked about here on other occasions – about how reality is holographic in nature, and how each of us is truly connected in the most profound of ways – then we begin to realize that the ‘world within’ is far more literal than me might first assume.

So now, how might we describe this ‘world within’ that I’m talking about? Let us say – it is the terrain of the mind … a landscape of thought and emotion – carved from the bedrock of consciousness by the rivers of creativity, and the fires of our own freewill. It is YOU, in the most holistic sense – body and spirit, matter and energy, intentions and concepts and hopes and dreams … The world within is that place where truth meets ego, and experience ages to wisdom. It’s that place where, if you’re curious enough and honest enough to explore it, you can find out just who you truly are. And, once you start to get a grip on that, understanding the world around you gets a bit easier. Why? Because like I already said: one thing leads to another … it’s all connected.

If you want to understand ‘that other person’, start by examining your own perspective of them – are you really sure what you are perceiving, is what actually is? How might you behave, or believe, if your experiences had been the same as ‘theirs’? Often doing so helps us to view things with a bit more compassion … a bit more understanding that, ‘that other person’ is on a journey for learning too! Now, maybe some are further along than others … and maybe we don’t all have the same direction in mind … but ultimately it’s all just part of the process of life … growing, learning, and finding-out the responsibility for our own freewills.

That’s a quick, general kind of understanding. Believe me, it goes much farther than that – but we’re taking this one step at a time, remember? And don’t underestimate the significance of this simple little wisdom – to try and see how reality likes to reflect back upon you – to understand another person as if you were in their shoes … because it’s a clue to something much, much bigger! What is that ‘something’? Well, for right now let me say that: it’s something only YOU can realize … because the answer has to do with what you find inside, when you traverse the terrain of the world within …

More to come folks, but let us hold-on to that last thought for a bit. Good journey to you all!

One Plus One

To understand the concept of these words, one must first try to understand the abstract idea of a holographic reality. Holographic reality is not something we are typically taught about in school, yet the evidence for such is both highly compelling and, when all points are considered, hard to refute. It is scientifically verifiable, as shown by the discipline of quantum physics … yet its foundation can actually be found hidden in much of our own ancient history – from the geometry of the Great Pyramid to the ‘Dream Time’ of the Australian aborigines.

The basic concept is this: Existence is energy … ‘information’ from consciousness, vibrating at a certain frequency that is within our perceptions. As energy is infinitely connected – being the very ‘building blocks’ of all that is – everything is quite literally connected, and thus it could even be said that All is One. Now, if we are to observe any select piece of that totality, that piece will still contain all of the information of ‘the One’ – encoded in the subtle vibrations of its existence. Furthermore, anything that is done to the piece – anything that we do, through even simple observation or perception – that might alter that piece, also changes the whole. The ‘space’ between the piece and the whole, is truly an illusion of our perceptions … as is the ‘time’, for point of fact. Put simply: we are all One, brought into being by consciousness – living, observing, and interacting with a point of  focus for our minds, and an expression of our hearts (our emotions). What one does affects all, if only in the subtlety of being.

You might want to read through all of that again … it’s a lot to wrap one’s mind around! Really it’s because what we’re talking about is a multidimensional concept … and we’re using the very limited medium of words to try and describe it. If it’s all too ‘left brain’ for you to catch though, don’t worry … try and get a feel for it. Almost like, if you can imagine yourself way out in space and looking back towards the earth … everyone you’ve ever met or will meet, anything you’ve ever done or will do, everything that we have ever thought and everything that we have ever created … it’s all ‘back there on that blue ball out in space’. It’s all connected … it’s all part of the same ‘big story’ … and when we can realize that inside of us, it totally changes how we view everything! Strip-away all of the stresses and distractions of daily life on the surface, and reality is quite the miraculous thing!

NOW … let’s go ONE MORE step into that ‘rabbit hole’ of truth: our awareness of reality, expands reality. WE are creators within the matrix of what we call ‘life’ … and so ‘truth’ really is what we make of it, with the level of awareness by which we understand it. But now here’s the catch: our awareness is as multidimensional as life is … awareness has many levels between what we might call the ‘super consciousness’ or perhaps the ‘higher self’ – where perception is outside of the confines of ‘physical senses’ and our ‘personal desires’ – and the level of awareness you have right now, reading this. It is from these other levels of awareness, that we get notions such as fate or destiny … higher conscious creation, without practical awareness. That sounds like a contradiction, doesn’t it? Not if you think multidimensionaly …

Whoa! So not only are we living in a multidimensional, holographic reality … but that reality is being created through a cooperation between ‘myself’ as a concept of being an aware individual, and ‘myself’ as an objective, coordinating force of experience! That’s not only hard to visualize, it’s hard to say! Let’s put it this way: YOU create your own reality, but just who ‘YOU’ are, is a lot more than just a part-time nerd/truth-seeker. There’s you … and then there’s You … just like, you are but one, yet you are also – One. It’s a great exercise for your imagination! -lol-

So what am I getting at with all of this … what’s the bottom-line? I think the daily point is here: you matter. Put as simply as I can – you matter – your thoughts and your feelings and your actions and your hopes … it all matters. It matters because whether you realize it or not, you are a part of a miracle that is our existence! And whether you can believe it or not, who you understand yourself to be, and how you perceive the world around you, affects the life in which you live. We are all significant as a part of One … and also, as one more. Hmmmmm … something to contemplate, at least.

~ Best wishes and good journey to all ~

The Quiet Moments …

Far too rare have become those moments of peace … when the world holds still, and the mind can become clear. Modern society has tried very hard to banish the simple experience of being … with the hum of our electronics and the buzz of our 24 hour brains to distract us. Being … without the pressure of an immediate schedule, or the ringing telephone, or a flurry of other people and activity … just being … Ahhhh … you have to kind of breathe-deep just thinking about that, don’t you? What a wonderful vacation it would be, just to be

It’s nice to imagine … can you feel it? I know I can, and oh how I wish I could feel it more! -lol- PEACE – inner peace … that is the feeling, isn’t it? These days such a marvelous sensation as feeling at peace has become quite elusive. So elusive, as point of fact, that many people have come to feel a bit uncomfortable with it. Tragically low attention spans and often a fear of what might be realized during such moments, adds to the problem for a society that has forgotten how to be quiet. Don’t think this loss is unintentional either … there are those for whom the very LAST thing they want for you, is your liberty to pause and ‘do nothing’ … you can’t control the masses that way! So, needless to say, there is plenty of daily opposition towards obtaining a moment of peace … so you have to take the initiative when you can, and seize those fleeting moments before they are lost. But when you can

My god, how beautiful life can be! You know, the picture that accompanies today’s little contemplation is actually the view from my own front yard – amazing, isn’t it! But beauty like that can be found in many places: in a face, or in a time, a gesture of kindness or in a dream for a happy life … and sometimes they’re there, but we just don’t really notice it. When we do notice it however, and let it make time stand still and silence prevail … all of that beauty becomes something more – it becomes a apart of you, always and forever …

THAT, is the ‘voice of being’ … that is ‘the connection’ to an understanding that everything is a miracle, everything has meaning, and that beyond that layer of lost realities and the challenges of daily life, is a power of compassion – to be strengthened from and to grow for. And that my friends, is a voice out of the silence that speaks very loudly! LIFE is something very precious indeed, and so it is our job to make sure that it stays as such!

Learn from the past, take heed of the future … but live in the now – in that moment of realization and true definition, where peace and strength are the same, where life speaks, and where reality is everything … inside of a moment

Pause now, and silence your worries … still your mind … just be, and let life tell you for itself …

~Good journey ~

Reflective Reality

There are no words to fully describe this concept … you have to experience it to understand it for yourself. Nonetheless, I will try, because what we’re dealing with is really about the subtlety of consciousness itself, and what existence truly is …

Let us begin with these five fundamentals of time/space: 1. All existence is a vibration, or frequency, of energy 2. Emotion intensifies energy, or increases the charge 3. One’s perspective, or understanding, works in conjunction with emotion to alter energy frequencies 4. Time is a point of focus, for our awareness and 5. Everything – all possibilities, all probabilities, all times and all locations – exist simultaneously, in a perpetual ‘now’. It’s a lot to try and grasp … now read them again  slowly, and try to conceptualize each fundamental point for all of it’s connotations. A summery Conclusion: existence is an expression of consciousness, reality is a culmination of our shared awareness, and life is made in the moment …

There are simpler ways of putting this concept – “mind-over-matter”, “you create your own reality”, “time is an illusion”, etc. – but the problem with these more friendly phrases is that they tend to be believed (or disregarded) without really comprehending the true depth of their meaning. And indeed, understanding that depth of meaning is an individual process that can literally takes ‘lifetimes’ of experience … yet there again, THAT IS what we theoretically have access to right now, by the conscious shift of our own perceptions! *WHOA!* Existence turns from one level to another, forever expanding with our own awareness …

Part of the difficulty for people to grasp the finer truth about reality, is perhaps because what we see of it, is just a reflection a representation of concepts. As a reflection, what we are perceiving is actually just a limited glimpse of the effect, rather than the cause. This is the flaw for so much of orthodox science – looking at results rather than origins … and indeed also, this is the ‘illusion’ so often referred to in metaphysical philosophy. So in a sense, we often base ourselves and our ‘reality’ on the ‘perceived and believed’ boundaries of a given paradigm … on what we observe from a singular perspective … on what we see in that reflection … rather than what actually IS.

Another challenge to our understanding: a long history of controlled information, and strategically employed disinformation. Think about our history, and who were the keepers of humanity’s greatest knowledge? – the ‘rulers’ … the highest kings and priests and scholars, the secret societies of ancient Greece to the modern-day Illuminati. It’s such an old story … knowledge is power, and those in power wish to keep it and expand it. Thus being the case, a belief in the ‘illusion’ – in the reflection of reality, rather than reality itself – has been strongly encouraged! The media, economics, religions, sciences, the educational systems … governments, medical industries, oil and agriculture … all of it (or most of it) is based-on whatever ‘the elite’ sanctions or authorizes for our use. Control the knowledge, and you can control the reality … the holographic principle, used for an ignorant and self-serving motive.

However my good friends, despite any ‘opposition’ to our understanding of ourselves as humanity and our experience of reality, the greater truth is always accessible, if not by our intellects than by ‘old Einstein’s shortcut’ … intuition – or the emotional aspect of our potential for understanding. Vast amounts of knowledge can be ‘transmitted’ through the medium of emotion, and simultaneously, emotion ‘charges’ the knowledge that is ‘transmitted’ – the energy – with the focus of consciousness. Is it any coincidence that the heart is so associated to great powers … be that ‘heart’ an organ, a chakra, a center of electromagnetism in the human body or a symbol of love or so on … I think not.

So, down to simplicity … what does all of this big talk mean for ‘me in my daily life’? What it means is, your ‘daily life’ is not only vastly different than you probably believe, but also that you have the ability to understand it, and to change it by, let us say, good intentions and a desire to know. Follow your heart, but don’t lose your head -lol- or maybe I could say: reach-out sincerely with your heart, and life will talk to you every day, in a million ways, of what your heart most needs to know. If you are still struggling with understanding what I’m saying, don’t fear … never fear. Your ‘time’ will come … one step at a time, one day at a time, one thought at a time … and then, you will understand it all again, in a new way, and REALITY will have gained a new dimension.

– Good journey to you all –

Simple Living

What is life all about, and why are we here? You’ll get a variety of answers to those questions, although most of them will have something to do with learning to love each other, gaining in our awareness, and doing the best that you can with the choices that you make. Pretty simple – pretty basic, isn’t it? And hey, those are nice answers … nice, simple answers for nice, simple people who can hear something like that, feel comfortable in their little world, and go-on in just the same way as they always have. Why bother with any great effort? There’s no ‘big deal’ to life! So there you have it: the meaning of our existence wrapped-up in a bright, friendly package without worries. So now that that’s taken care of, anyone want to go see a movie? You want to hear what ‘that bitch’ said to me at work … how about a hand of that game – Cards Against Humanity – that might be fun …

This world is full of ‘arm-chair’ spiritualist … just regurgitate the right flowery words, say you ‘love everyone’, and there you go: a fashionable identity that automatically labels you as a ‘good person’ without any true effort … fast and convenient, just how we like most everything in this world. People’s limited attention spans are another good example of this kind spiritual apathy, or fear of anything that gets ‘too complicated’. You know, once I was making a video on the subject of life (because apparently no one wants to actually READ anymore) and I was told not to make it much longer than a couple of minutes … each sequence shouldn’t be any longer than about eight seconds, because otherwise people will lose interest. Maybe if I was handsome and well known, well than maybe it could be a bit longer … maybe if I put-in a few images of skulls and attacked some popular politician, then maybe I could draw it out some more? Same with my writing: you’ve got to make it ‘commercial’ or no one will ever give a damn what you say. Hmmm, perhaps I should start matching this stuff with some pictures of busty babes in bikinis … or mutilated zombies – that will get their attention! WHY … so why will it get their attention? Why is there this aversion to anything that might make a person really think about reality? Well, here’s a short answer that still only a handful of people out there will probably fully understand: because fear is easier than courage. Stay in the shallows of reality … don’t go too deep, because that’s where ‘simple life’ starts to get a bit more complicated … it gets too intimidating, too confusing, and too much effort to bother with, right?

Can you detect a bit of sarcasm in my words … maybe a little frustration or anger? Yeah, it can get to me too. Perhaps I shouldn’t talk like this? Have I forgotten all of those lofty, loving words that I’ve been spewing out there for years? Hey Mr. Thomas, don’t you usually try to give these little blurbs of yours a more positive, empowering air that people can feel good about reading? What gives? Well I’ll tell you my friends: life is simple, but sometimes living can be a lot more complicated.

Finding wisdom is different than retaining it, and then applying it into our daily lives. It’s easy to feel compassion when everything is going smoothly … easy to say life is a state of mind, until something unexpected comes along and smacks you in the face. We can have a conversation about how emotion directly influences the creation of our reality, but it’s another thing to take it seriously enough to catch ourselves in the act, when emotions are running strong and ‘no one is looking’. Am I right? “Easier said than done …” goes the expression – and yet it is the doing which really makes the difference! Yeah, it’s NOT so simple … it takes a lot of effort to keep-track of yourself … it takes self-discipline, humility, and you have to really care about the world and your part of it. You have to take it seriously, while still maintaining a bit of humor to keep your sanity (talk about multidimensional reality!) … it’s a balance of many factors, often without knowing what all of those factors are! It’s … complicated.

So, what’s my point? My point is that there is a difference between life and living it … that all of the philosophy out there is meaningless until it is actually applied, and applying it takes a continual effort. Knowing yourself, and understanding our reality, is a journey – not a ‘drive to the park in the afternoon’, but an on-going process of learning, changing, then learning more. And, with that learning, you have to have the courage to take action – to keep expanding yourself and to keep growing as a soul. Each step that you take reveals something more.

Life IS simple: love, learn, and do the best that you can. Living is often rather complicated, because that’s where theory and high ideals have to be made manifest, and that means work … that means thinking, that means changing who you are, and that means diving into those deep waters of truth where it may not always be so comfortable or convenient. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” said Edmund Burke … and I for one will not stand for that! ‘Evil’ is often just the ignorance and apathy and fear that we hold within – and the ‘nothing’, is our failure to apply what we know. More relies on your efforts for living than you probably realize … so don’t give-up, don’t give-in … sure you’ll make mistakes, and that’s okay, but don’t let that stop you! Just take it one step at a time, and I think you will find that although living can be tough, so are you!

Best wishes to all ~ and stay strong, my friends.


Life can be a challenging experience. We face so many hardships over the years that sometimes it can be very difficult to free ourselves from them, and to move on. I have always said that ‘all is with meaning’ … but trying to figure out what that meaning actually  is takes on a new dimension when it comes to matters of one’s own inner pains, doesn’t it? These things can often seem so unjust and undeserved, that it makes it extremely difficult for us to see life objectively, and to separate it from one’s own sense of self-worth. Perhaps it is because of this, that life’s challenges continue to endure with such a potency – often skewing our minds and our hearts in a direction away from that path of healing and inner peace. Sadly, I have found it to be not uncommon for people to come to cling to their pain as a definition of who they are … like a ‘badge of honor’, or of ‘shame’ … so long as it provides them with that ‘comfort’ of a social identity. Yet you know, it really doesn’t have to be that way … healing IS possible … and when this is truly realized, that void and that fear which has been with us for so very long, has the opportunity to transform into  something quite profound indeed: we call it wisdom.

Why: that is always the question. “Why did this have to happen?” … and “who am I now”, after it did? There’s no formula to easily answer such questions. Every individual must, inevitably, find their own answers … but maybe some comfort can be taken from the knowledge that – the ability to heal, be it in a dimension of heart or body or experience, truly is within you … because that is where our reality is created in the first place. Let us consider this …

“Love is the great miracle cure” wrote Louise Hay, one of the great founders of the ‘self-help movement’ … and they are words of finer wisdom than perhaps many realize at face value. “Love …” but what precisely is love, and what are it’s affects on healing? How does one feel this love, through a scar of painful memories? The answer goes back perhaps, to that word synonymous with our own humanity: compassion. Compassion is an understanding that we all are connected by an invisible tether of energy and consciousness … and that the separation between us, really is but a thin illusion. Compassion is an emotional understanding, where you can recognize yourself in the eyes of others … not to make excuses for them, but to comprehend what life is like, in the experience of ‘another person’s shoes’. Compassion is forgiveness too, but I think in its root sense, it is simply a desire for the progression and well-being of all. And compassion is found within …

Like everything else, compassion (love) is an energy frequency … set into being by consciousness, and brought into focus by freewill. As an energy, it reflects the concept of a harmonious coexistence, between the self as a point of awareness, and the self as an experience of the united One – or the reality in which you perceive ‘around you’. Indeed it is a potent medicine, for it is the energy of our essence … it is an energy of creation, and when one allows themself to feel that energy, then they are radiating that energy – and reality reacts. Mind to matter … Abracadabra (Hebrew for “I will create as I will speak”) … quantum physics and noetic science … the process of our interaction with reality is well known by many perspectives, yet still it is so often neglected when it comes to our personal, daily lives. We hold the power to alter our reality, even profoundly, in the choice that we make between being ruled by our own fears and being freed by our own humanity … the choice, and the will, and the intention to heal! “Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion” said Buddha, and that compassion that we touch life with, is the compassion that you can now find – within.

Best wishes and good journey to you all … and may compassion guide you to your wisdom!

Natural Feelings

Saying ‘thank you’ is meaningless without the feeling of gratitude behind it … just like saying ‘I love you’ is hollow without the heart. People’s concern with the appearance of truth often seems to override their understanding of it: that life is not what you see or hear, but rather what you know and what you feel. It’s not what is on the outside that matters so much … it’s what we find within. The idea is that some social behaviors are appropriate while others are not – true enough, but remember that the behavior is simply a symptom of one’s current understanding. Therefore, to genuinely learn or to change a given behavior, it’s not the behavior that you should be reacting to at all … it’s the understanding. And, particularly when dealing with children, that understanding is not to be found so much in the mental articulation of a concept, but rather in their basic emotional comprehension.

I have commonly observed that children can be marvelous teachers, because it is easy to see how they so often reflect those around them. They make us question ourselves almost as much as they question everything else because, ironically, the young mind has not yet ‘learned’ how to pretend quite so skillfully as we … they haven’t yet had the social pressure to act in a manner contrary to how they might honestly feel. If they feel anger in public, they scream and yell and stomp their feet in a fit of emotional expression – they don’t realize how embarrassed this might make you, or that their anger really isn’t appropriate or fitting to the situation, they’re just mad! As adults, we know that anger sometimes needs to be expressed, but you can’t let it get the better of you! Punching that schnook in the schnozzle might be what you feel like doing, but it probably wouldn’t be the best course of action (then again, maybe you better think about how appropriate your feelings are too!). But now ask yourself: why do you restrain, and how can you teach a child to do so also? Is it fear of the police or getting your own schnozzle flattened (fear of a spanking or some form of punishment) … or maybe you know what it feels like to get hurt, and you are loving enough not to want anyone else to have to feel that? Hmmmm …

Communication, whether it’s with children or people in general, is about making a connection. To truly teach that child you have to connect with them, otherwise it isn’t genuine learning, it’s just programmed responses that you’ll be getting. If you tell a child ‘no’, is it the word that they will be comprehending or the emotion behind it? Are you just yelling it out with anger, or are you saying it with real concern for their well-being? What lesson, what energy are you really giving to them? If you’re constantly telling them to ‘say thank you’ simply as a matter of social etiquette but without the emotion of gratitude behind it, are you really teaching them what gratitude truly is? How do you react when the child gives you something? I think these are all questions that might deserve some contemplation.

If a child attempts something potentially dangerous, for they lack the wisdom of experience, don’t be angry with them, rather show them your care … express it in the tone of your voice and in your actions, which is out of love and not control. If a child breaks something or damages something, express your sense of loss (be honest!) but remember that whatever the loss it’s not so important as the child is … sure you’re upset, but accidents happen and we try our best not to make them again. Help your child to feel the appropriate reactions and behavior, by first feeling and reacting to things appropriately yourself. If one learns to feel what is appropriate, then the outward expression will naturally follow.

Okay I know … it’s a big subject with a lot of different opinions. Inevitably this short article is an over-simplification on being a parent/teacher and dealing with over-tired tots, but once again I think it is something worthy of consideration. Humanity has been around now for quite a long while, and yet so many of the basics of what humanity means are still somehow elusive to so many … maybe a bit more thought and feeling on how we learn about humanity as children might be prudent? Just a thought …

Anyways, best wishes and good journey to you all! Feel free to share your own bit of wisdom and ask some questions … we’re all in this together you know!

Holographic Thought

holographic reality, thought, consciousness, manifestation, create your own reality

Your awareness influences the manifestation of reality … for, on the quantum level, it is now understood that one can not divorce the observer from the observed. From the micro to the macro, all of reality is comprised of energy … information, and the direction of consciousness. Every individual, with the thoughts and beliefs and emotions that they have, directly influences the reality which we experience. Existence, it would seem, is interactive on a level so profound that few truly comprehend its significance. Once this barrier  to our understanding is breached however, and the subtle truth is revealed to us, then the significance of the life which we experience within becomes one, with the life we experience externally.

Think about today … and think about what part you played in it. Where you sad or happy? Where you angry or content? Did you reach out with your heart towards others, or did you hide for fear of that heart being broken? Did you yell at your kids … did you yell at yourself? What judgements did you pass, and what were your reactions towards others? And then perhaps the most important question: why? If you’re answering these questions with “because they made me mad” or “because ‘Bob’ at work said this to me” … then I’m sorry, but you haven’t caught the point at all. We are taught to externalize our lives … told, by orthodox science, that first experience happens and then we react to it. The truth, however, is not that way at all! I ask again: what are you creating for a life experience … what influence are your beliefs and thoughts and emotions, and your awareness of them, having on your life?

You know there’s a classic experiment, with many variations, that illustrates an important point about the power of the heart and of the mind. In brief, you have two plants – both given the same conditions of sunlight and water and so on – but one of them is praised by the attendant and the other shunned. The only significant difference for these two plants is the attitude … the consciousness of the attendant. Lo-and-behold, what happens? The one given love flourishes, while the one despised, withers. The energy of the attendant directly influences the manifestation of experience, for better or for worse. Now, realize that essentially the same process is occurring … with the people of your life, with yourself, and with all of the world around you. Now ask yourself once more, what are you influencing with your energy? Be honest …

Illness, ‘accidents’, attitudes … ‘luck’, and love and hate … all originate not from the interplay of physics, but from the conditions of metaphysics. So, once you truly understand this, you realize that what is going-on inside the private corridors of your own mind should probably be analyzed with a bit more discretion … and chosen with a bit more care. That “fat, ugly person” that you just made fun of while driving down the street … guess what, you just sent that person a batch of negative energy, which effects the resonant frequency of everything! When you looked in the mirror this morning and saw your face with those “crooked teeth” or “stringy hair” … what kind of energy did you just contribute? “Oh my God, a wood tick bite … I might have Lyme disease!” – “The doctor said it’s cancer, and I have only three months to live!” – “Smoking cigarettes kills you, and smokers are so disgusting!” … Think about it. Everything that you do or say, or think or feel or believe – EVERYTHING, has a direct affect on the manifestation of this reality, for everything is connected to the other on the quantum level. And so, your increased awareness of yourself, and a sense of responsibility for how you influence this reality, is essential towards helping create the sort of life that we would all like to experience: positive, peaceful, and prosperous.

Find out who you are, my friends … and realize why you are! There is so much more going on than what you’re seeing with your eyes … and there is so much more to YOU than you’ve ever given credit. Life is here for us to learn folks … to love and to grow as the spiritual beings which we are. We are multidimensional consciousness – holographic interpretations of the energy which we feel, and the truth which we perceive. The Revolution of Humanity is not a tool in the hand, but a power in the heart! Best wishes, and good journey to all …