The Whole Part

How is it that something like telekinesis and telepathy are real, quantifiable phenomenons? Why is it that  plants can feel our emotions – love it and it grows better, hate it and it withers? How can an idea cross the entire world, and change the understanding of millions of people? Intuition … empathy … psychometry … remote viewing … all of these things really can occur in our lives, but how? Specific answers can get rather lengthy, but ALL of these aspects to the human experience can, in part, be explained with this simple phrase: the separation is the illusion.

Look around … what do you see? You see the world around you, right? You see other people, the house across the street, your computer on the bedroom desk … you see reality as something that surrounds you, that you are in and that you can interact with … but the truth is actually a bit different than that. You know, when a baby is born, it is believed that they are only aware of a limited piece of reality: what they observe from their own, singular perspective. Later on, it is again believed, they develop their awareness and become conscious of themselves … they gain self-awareness. For many people it would seem that their developing awareness stops right there, but did you know that is hardly all there is? Did you know that our awareness can go further than that? It’s call inclusive awareness, or full spectrum consciousness, and once you can develop this stage of growth, you’re on your way to understanding the subtle meaning of life itself.

Subjective awareness is the easy one … that’s your awareness through your own thoughts, feelings, and observations. Most people function only from this level. Then there’s objective awareness … that’s still pretty hard for a lot of people. Objective awareness is the ability to think, feel, and observe from outside of your own perspective. Inclusive awareness you might say, bridges the two – it is the awareness that the separation is the illusion – that the observer and the observed are actually two parts of the same thing. Take a moment and try to feel that statement … don’t try to simply understand it intellectually, that will only get you half-way … ‘the observer and the observed are two parts of the same thing’.

Holographic reality – the Divine Matrix – it’s been called a variety of names, but what it means is that ‘every part contains the whole, and the whole contains every part’ … that within each and every one of us is the ‘blueprint’ for all existence, and that existence depends upon our part to be complete. Inclusive awareness realizes that everything connects together, and that there is meaning and significance in everything. What your eyes see and your ears hear is, by the higher degrees of awareness, is but an expression of yourself from yourself, as a part of the divine ‘One’. Religions refer to this ‘One’ as God … science will talk about the ‘big bang’ … a point of origin for all of time/space and life. Here again though, the error is often in the externalization of these concepts. The truth is within you – it’s within all of us, and it’s in the world which we create. You are substantial – you do make a difference, whether you are fully aware of that fact or not. But knowledge is power … and so the more you can learn and understand about reality, about the ‘language of life’ as I say – the more you can realize the profound relationship between ‘who you are’, and ‘what is it all about?’ … the meaning behind the human experience!