-Words Under Words-

subtlety, words, hidden meaning, awareness

-Words Under Words-

Between the lines, a space seems vacant
So no one bothers to look
No words in ink appear fill this place
That hide within a life’s great book

Thought a nothing, where marks not cover
A blank that has no meaning
Yet to there I find, a page which shows
All that can be had in feeling

Subtlety speaks in its clear, bold type
Of all things said, not written
Movement and tears and anger and hope
When the words by thought are woken

I see the dreams of others come nigh
Courage and fears thought covered
I hear the stories of people’s lives
Where but only white once hovered

Adventure, regret, and triumph here
Victory and tragedy too
All the secrets and all the humor
Here show, when the mind looks through

Read now more on each and every page
Those places between the lines
The invisible, and yet revealing
Words … that no one finds

-Dan Thomas

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