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I woke-up this morning
To the world still turning
And the people of the crowd
Shouting out loud
Yet lost in all of their searching

How is your family?
Is your job okay?
Looking for a meaning
A solution for the day

Drying all your tears
And holding back the rage
Just one day at a time
Just a turn of the page

But then there’s a moment
What you wouldn’t believe
For the world stop turning
If you could but conceive?

Yet the sun was still bright
And I breathed in the gentle light
Of something not known before

When then my mind took flight
To gain the broader sight
Of a truth that I could not ignore

That beyond the shallow surface
Of what is known as ‘me’
A new level of learning
For which I’ve been yearning
Now, in heart, I see

Always there, yet hidden in mind
Just had to look, and there I find:

It’s a thought in motion
Within the sojourn
A concept of feeling
In mind and revealing
The doorway of my return

-Dan Thomas

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