Careful Meaning

There are a lot of ways one could look at life … some probably wiser than others, some perhaps more practical or more problematic than others … but to find your way down to that root of our humanity and that great meaning of which we sense, but can so seldom put adequate words to, I think that you have to truly care. You have to have that ‘internal drive’ … or perhaps it’s just simple curiosity for life, or even a sense of ‘personal responsibility’ … maybe we could even call it love? But to care: to observe and question life with an open heart and an honest mind, and to seek our answers with a balance of courage and humility;¬†that is the very cornerstone of our understanding. Without care, both in the aspects of intellectual ambition and of compassion within the soul, then meaning becomes as empty as a hermit’s address book.

Let us consider this: life is not simply something that ‘just happens to and around you’ … it is a part of you. When we look with our eyes and observe with our socially trained minds, we see people and events and days and what we ‘have to do’ … we see ourselves as participating in something outside of ourselves. It’s a logical and understandable approach … only thing is, it’s not actually true.

Some quick science, if you need it: both quantum field and gravitational theory can find an agreement. It has been shown by Daniel Grumiller, from the Vienna University of Technology, that when two quantum particles are entangled, they cannot be described individually, but instead form just a single “quantum object”, even if they are far apart from each other. Thus, on the very fine level of energy within the universe, interaction, or entanglement, is a cooperative process of creation. And, being that all energy is directed by consciousness, what we perceive ‘on the outside’ is actually fundamentally linked to who we are ‘on the inside’. Paradoxically, the division is the illusionreality alters by the frequency at which every ‘channel of consciousness’ (you) radiates … WE are the creators (not the ‘victems’) of our reality.

So now, let us try and put this more simply: every thought that you think … every action, every emotion that you feel, and every belief that you hold, influences what happens in your life. Injury, illness … joy and ‘luck’, fear and love … the people you meet and the food that you eat … it’s all connected, and perhaps more pertinently, you have the ability to influence it for the better! How? You have to care …

To care about something, you need to find time for it … but when it comes to life, never let lack of time be an excuse. Caring about life isn’t like a project, that you sit down and do … start to finish … and then you go on to something else. Sneaking-in a half hour of deep conversation between super and bedtime is great, but that’s not all there is to it. Caring is a constant … it’s with you all the time, no matter what else you may be doing. And by caring, by giving your life just that little extra bit of awareness, what you’re actually doing is setting to course a process of energies, that upon sufficient strength, shall manifest into your reality.

What will it manifest? THAT is exactly the question that you need to ask yourself, and you need to ask it with¬†complete honesty. It is our fears and our pains which are most difficult to face, and our long-held beliefs which are the most stubborn to analyze … and it is they which often make our woes. But once you can care enough in your heart and in your mind … care enough to apply your will, and realize that, by simple nature, you are never truly powerless … then even the most daunting of reflections can be faced, and more importantly overcome. Life does indeed have meaning, and so too can it have quality … because the quality you choose to apply by your care, becomes the quality in which you ‘happen’ to live.

Ahhhh yes … but it does indeed go yet deeper, doesn’t it? -lol- for we are multidimensional beings, where there are many layers between the conscious and the subconscious, and from that which is perceived to that which is truly there. We are generally aware of only a small slice of whom and what we truly are. For that little bit of the whole equation, I think you might have to care enough to seek it out … maybe one of these little articles from Aeta2Earth might have some clues …

-lol- Best wishes to all on this journey of life. Keep thinking, keep feeling, and keep seeking what you know to be right!