Hidden Symbols

One must be careful of metaphors when it comes to morality, or our understanding of life in general. A metaphor can be a fine way to try and describe a concept, but all too often people take these poetic phrases far too literally, and then the wisdom that they were meant to so eloquently communicate ends up being clouded, or down right distorted! I suppose one could say that the ‘blame’ is on the inadequacy of language … many ideas simply do not have the words worthy to fully convey them, however closer inspection also reveals an intentional deception by many authors … a deception commonly not noticed by the reader’s conscious mind, but still implanted within them. The most classic example: light and dark.

There are many who have used the parallel of ‘light and dark’ to describe a moral or life concept: the Chinese yin and yang, the Pythagorean Table of Opposites, Confucianism, and the story of Genesis where God separates the ‘light from the dark’ … to name but a few. We see constant symbolic references to this same concept in our media, from the classic ‘white hats and black hats’ of American Westerns to Star Wars with its light side and dark side of ‘the force’, and Lord of the Rings with the character Sauron the Dark Lord. It is one of the oldest forms of symbolism that we have, and indeed a symbolism that I myself have used. I think that most people get the basic concept here, however what I think most people tend to miss is the intentional manipulation of this metaphor to confuse, confound, and distort our understanding into what might be called the Luciferian or Illuminist belief system. And therein, in my humble opinion, lies the problem.

Just recently I saw a post on a certain social network that stated how “it is the dark which defines the light” … depicting a candle surrounded by shadow. Presumably the author of this post, like many others, was applying the idea and physics of literal light and the lack thereof to the moral concepts of good and evil. It suggests that evil is equal to good, and that one cannot exist without the other. It tells us that we should embrace the ‘dark’ as simply an essential element of our existence, and that as ‘good people’ we must tolerate the evil both within us and around us. Now, let me be clear about this – dualism certainly does exist. Good and evil, for all practical arguments, is a reality … whether you wish to describe them as selflessness and selfishness, compassion and hatred, knowledge and ignorance, creation and destruction, or whatever … there most definitely seems to be two basic sides (and many degrees between) that are represented in our reality by a variety of examples. Furthermore, as one who believes that all is indeed with some purpose and meaning, I do not deny the role of ‘evil’ in our evolution or in our learning. My contention about this symbolic philosophy is perhaps over a subtle point, yet as subtle as it is, I see a vital importance in discussing it. That point is, from a perspective learned in history and the tactics of psycho-social manipulations, that the ‘darkness’ has long held a campaign (or ‘recruitment drive’) against people as a means to increase its power and influence. As to its nature, its desire is hardly what we might call beneficial to our lives, and is in fact an attempt to devolve our awareness to a state which is both easy to control, and easy to consume. Indeed it does contain an important lesson, yet I ask you: is it better to learn through reason and compassion, or have it beaten into you by violence and pain. Some (far too many) seem to require the latter to learn, as they have continually missed or denied the lesson when presented otherwise … but by no means should it have been necessary, if but they would have listened to wisdom in the first place.

This apparent “necessary evil” however, has duped many into believing that there is no other way for us to progress … exactly what ‘the dark’ desires us to believe. So we become tolerant, or even supportive, of the philosophy that violence, pain, cruelty, and ignorance are but a natural and acceptable path for our enlightenment. Maybe ‘evil isn’t so bad after all’ … can you see the game that it plays? It was once said that “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he didn’t exist” … or perhaps, that “his evil is merely subjective, and that we must welcome him as a brother, for we are but half without him”. Folks, this is Satanic magic 101 … one must give the demon permission to enter, and be summoned. It is literally one of the oldest tricks in the book, and it is still highly effective, for it plays off of the qualities of good: tolerance, and a desire for peace amongst all.

In the Vietnam War, occasionally children were used as weapons. A child is not perceived as a threat, and so when the unwary soldier saw this child approach, the soldier’s heart reached out to them … their sense of compassion and desire to protect the child (qualities of a moral goodness) allowed the child into their open arms. The child then, when embraced with love, pulled the pin on the grenade that it concealed … and death came swiftly and brutally. It’s a tragic story, and a most cruel and cunning tactic … and it worked. It is also an example (of many that I could give) of a lesson ‘taught by evil’ which is so often forgotten … particularly by well-meaning philosophers and seekers who speak of the necessity and/or integration of ‘the dark and the light’. Also, it is a tactic still employed today by many prominent authors, luminists, and luciferians against those who genuinely seek an understanding of this reality. It is a trap … carefully and cleverly conceived so that it is most effective against evil’s great enemy: the good.

Tolerance, love, light … unity and understanding … all positive words that are favored by evil, for most when they read or hear these words will automatically assume the message they are used in must be something good. Sounds good at first, yes … but a closer and informed analysis often reveals the subtle deception. Evidence of this deception, and this movement towards the accepted integration of immorality into our lives, is all around us. As too is the blurring of our understanding of these two ideologies – from the popular ‘hero’ Batman all dressed in black with sharp ‘ears’ that look far more like horns (an image of a demon) to Neo and Trinity of the Matrix movies who will ‘awaken you from the false reality’ so that truth may be finally known … and what exactly is that ‘truth’? Powerful, independent, clever, and deadly … not ‘held down’ by all those ‘bothersome’ and ‘weak’ moral concepts that ‘ruin everybody’s fun’ … our modern ‘dark heroes’ are in fact just another medium in the war for your hearts and minds. Symbolism, coupled with action that plays on your primal or ‘reptilian brain’ (as it is often referred) which focuses on fear, fighting, sex, and ego, is but a weapon against your subconscious mind. Like a poison, it bypasses your analytical mind so that it can get right to the core, without out you ever even noticing or questioning its lethal effects. Lethal? – indeed yes! Reality, my friends, is manufactured first in the metaphysical – in the mind and in the heart – before it translates into the physical. Allow darkness in as a friend, and before you even know it, it’s shadows will obscure the truth from your awareness. Then what starts as a philosophical concept, soon will materialize into a very physical reality experience … and not simply for yourself, but affecting all others.

Light and dark can make a fine metaphor for a moral concept, but don’t be fooled – ridding ourselves of the dark and its seductive, destructive, and inefficient presence is far more involved than flipping a switch or lighting a candle. It needs to be recognized, that is for sure, but it is hardly something to be embraced … and if you believe it to be defining of the good (or the light) then I’m sorry to say that you have been duped by the ‘child with a grenade’. Compassion and tolerance, and understanding of people’s struggle within this world of duality is commendable … but let us not be gullible. There is indeed a war raging right now for your hearts and minds – and your soul – whether you wish to acknowledge it or not. I ask you to learn from the past … not to repeat it. I ask you to be aware of the dark … not to become it. The Illuminati and their many cohorts are a clever lot, who see things not simply in the moment but what each moment brings. Incrementalism is their M.O. – lies coated in candy, advertised with soft and loving words with promises of strength and knowledge, and a dependence on your good intentions and trusting natures. It may only look like Harry Potter, or simple words of ancient wisdom, but concealed beneath is a whole other realm of subconscious trickery. Like those pictures that you must stare at long enough to see the image concealed … the dark is a subtle beast, who knows your awareness and your focus are easily distracted … easily obscured by shadow, particularly once you are lead to believe that those shadows aren’t the shapes revealed by light, but what defines the light …

Good journey to you all, and best wishes to you all. May contemplation increase your awareness, and may awareness reveal to you the truth!