-Faces of One-

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-Faces of One-


Tender strings for the gentle humanity,

And bitter-sweet for your experience.

Bound in paradox by time and mortality

While unaware of life’s true salience.


With a contrast of potentials, in eternal agitation –

By freewill, folly, and cause –

The resounding crepitation, of false excitation

Yet still beauty is found in the flaws.


And Tragedy and glory stand side-by-side,

With innocence so often in the middle.

How can you reside,

Heart and mind applied,

With this unending, and sorrowful riddle?


So you seek-out the answers, for want of understanding

The ebb and flow of reality.

Whereupon faces of all, transposed onto one

The answer is sheer totality.


-Dan Thomas-

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