“It’s Only A Movie”

I am consistently amazed how I will hear people talk of love, creation of reality, and their desire for a better world … then they go watch people beating each other senseless on TV, or read yet another vampire novel. For some reason, many people tend to divorce what they do for entertainment from their spiritual understanding – choosing to believe that their ‘fun’ somehow has nothing to do with who they are, the current state of civilization, or the reality that we make manifest. “Yeah but, it’s not REAL … it’s only a movie!” – I hear them say. Yet, if true understanding of the subtlety of life was known, and the power of thought and emotion and the focus of consciousness were actually comprehended, then they would realize that nothing could be farther from the truth.

“Today’s science fiction, is tomorrow’s science fact” they say. “Oh boy! Does that mean that I can have a starfighter like Luke Skywalker, or live in a bubble on Mars? How about my own android servant, or a small box to make me invisible?” – I hear the blind sarcasm already … but it’s not a joke people, and it’s not as much ‘fun’ as you may think! Neither is it just science fiction that becomes our reality, but also fantasy, tragedy, and whatever else we apply our mass focus to.

Once upon a time, people gathered in great arenas to watch men fight to the death. They thrilled at the ‘power’ of the contestants, and cheered as blood was spilled upon the sand … they enjoyed the excitement of fear, the illusion of heroics, and the ‘glory’ of celebrity. It is estimated that some 8,000 deaths occurred every year in the gladiatorial arenas of ancient Rome – today, it is estimated that the average child sees over 11,000 acts of ‘simulated violence’ every year, on television (and that doesn’t count video games or the internet). The greatest selling genre of books: fictitious crime thrillers; the greatest selling genre of movies: action/adventure.  In over 3,400 years of history, humankind has enjoyed less than 268 years of peace (NY Times – 7/06/03). Has our mentality truly changed so much over all those years? Is there a connection between what we find as entertainment, and what we experience as reality?

Nothing in life will change for the better, so long as we continue as we have. This not only includes what we do for work, but also what we do for fun. If you want to truly know who and what you are, you have to be honest with yourself, and you have to consider all aspects of your character. Where is your energy going? What are you feeding your subconscious? What reality are you connecting to, and helping to create? Let us stop making humanity a hobby and spirituality a hypocrisy … let us, at least for a moment, consider again the words of Albert Einstein who once said: “match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.” Think about it …