-Sedative –

ignorance, transition, people, society, change

-Sedative –

Children of a hidden debt
Generation of the net
Just another makes a set
It’s a foreign vibration

Draw a shiv made of zero
Play the game as a hero
Got it straight from the bureau
It’s a tranquilized nation

We’re all friends who never met
Give me more than what is let
Golden coin to fix the bet
It’s a blind meditation

Looking now at the people
Just one more of the sheeple
Standing proud by the steeple
It’s the lost generation

Every word that makes a threat
Cool me down and make em’ sweat
They’re bitten back by their pet
It’s a dangerous position

Take the time and wake me up
Now the dog and once a pup
Flip the switch and fill my cup
It’s a time for transition

-Dan Thomas

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