Totality In Time

Part of the ascension process, as  some might refer to life, is the realization of one’s actual totality – or who you are in the truest, most complete sense. An aspect to this holistic concept of the self, is the reality that we all experience many lives in many times, and that there is a lesson to be learned from each of them.

Time, as we have come to understand it, is intricately connected to space, and our linear perceptions of such is merely an illusion for sake of our comprehension. Time is in truth not linear, but a constant in all dimensions of its domain. In other words, who you are in ‘past lives’, who you are presently, and who you are in ‘future lives’, is a construct of consciousness which is as malleable in the moment as clay is in your hand. The past can be altered … by altering yourself in ‘the now’.

Awareness is key, and with that is our understanding, not so much of the ‘mechanics’ … but of the meaning. To intellectually accept that, for example, you were a ‘Greek soldier in the 7th century BC’ is nothing but trivia without knowing why you had that life. Rest assured, when the moment comes for you to be ready to bring such into your understanding, life will provide you the clues. But the first step is simply in opening-up your mind and heart to such elements of being, and then having the desire to learn from it.

Of course, the extensions of yourself in other times are having an impact on who you are right now as well, so if you believe yourself to be ‘an aware person’, you had better realize that your awareness needs to be as multidimensional as your presence. The good news is however, that our current epoch is rather supportive to this expansion of consciousness. The base resonant frequency of reality, as measured by science, is indeed increasing, and our potential as human beings is expanding proportionately to it. We are progressing towards, what we used to call as ‘the ancients’, another ‘golden age’ … a period of exponential spiritual growth. So, in part, what I’m talking about is a natural occurrence that will become more and more evident to the mass consciousness.

Baseline: it’s about the evolution of the soul. Are you beginning to see new meaning to the phrase: ‘pull yourself together’? -lol- Because that’s just what an understanding of our other lives is – a pulling together of all the many facets of individualism, before ultimately it unites as a divine One. Each and every other life that you have lends its experience to the totality of ‘you’. To tap that knowledge consciously, or at least a degree of it, means an entirely new dimension of awareness. Sound daunting? – well don’t panic, you still have plenty of … time.

So how do you recognize these clues to your other lives, and how can you interpret them into their relevant meanings? Begin by paying attention – your dreams, your thoughts, your feelings … your likes … your dislikes … all of these can give possible indications. If you have trouble tracing the origins of these things to any experience in this life, it’s possible that they are not from this life. ‘Know thyself’ as the Greek aphorism suggests … for to know yourself (and yourselves) is to understand life as a deeply meaningful experience, and it will move your awareness into intriguing new levels of perception that you can only know if you see it yourself! Yes, it takes a bit of practice and a shift in your focus, but the importance and the positive impact of this can’t really be overstated! When we talk about ‘who we are’ in its most complete sense, it actually boils-down to why we experience everything in life that we do – the meaning of life. God? Chance? Fate? – Why? When? Who? – the answer is in you … the answer is within each and every one of us! We’re still only at the beginning of this journey, my friends … the beginning of a true revolution of humanity! It’s all but a choice … and an awareness … away …

Good journey for all, and for all a contemplative day.