-The Deepest Hope-

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-The Deepest Hope-

Somewhere out there is my dream in the real
I don’t know the name, but I do know the feel
A simple joy in a complex life
A warmth, a touch, a break in the strife

My dream has a beauty both inside and out
Touching my heart with what life’s all about
Invisible is seen without reason to hide
Blessed, and kissed, and held by my side

I’m always searching while I wait out the time
For life to catch my love in its prime
I look and I wonder at what may be
I journey, I wish, for that great day I see

Test my patience and flirt with my hopes
While I try to untangle this knot of ropes
It’s a path that is long and not without trial
Face fear, face hurt, and battle denial

I rally my soul and keep on believing
Hold faith so strong in the message I’m receiving
For beyond the story that logic may provide
I know it, I sense it, from deep-down inside

– Dan Thomas

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