Horizon – A Journey Through Time

This is a poem about considering and connecting to the future of mankind … bringing it into the present moment, through the choices which we make along the journey of time. It contemplates not only what will be, but also ‘the self’, and presents two basic paths for us to follow: through the “cleansing waters”, or “soaring through the air” – through a resolution of experience, or by ascension of the spirit. It then wonders what each path entails, and brings them to consider of what the “morrow” (tomorrow) will be – ‘night’ or ‘day’ (a pessimistic attitude, where a lack of vision obscures what is – or a positive attitude, where by light of day we can see clearly)

Since both paths, it could be said, are in actuality just different stages of one path which leads to that ‘horizon’ which is our future, again it is brought down to a decision: “what role shall you play?” – what reality shall we choose? For, as this poem also suggests, the decision is both personal and cooperative. We “choose as one”, as it states at the end … so this poem is really also about unity – of vision, of intent, of people …

It’s a simple little piece, meant to convey some simple concepts … but perhaps that simplicity is part of its quality. It’s calm and hopeful, and it doesn’t overwhelm you with the future or your responsibility for choosing it, yet it also faces these issues with a level mind. At any rate, it is a pleasant piece – and I hope you all have enjoyed it.

Good journey to all!


I gaze the horizon
The great line I see
Two worlds divided
One sky, one sea

Across the long distance
Where futures sleep
Wrapped in a mist
Where all hopes we keep

And then I do wonder
What there might be
Above in sky
And beneath in sea

What will the morrow
Night or in day
What choice be made
What role shall you play

Each makes a decision
Fly or swim there
Cleanse by water
Or soar through the air

Together we venture
Make what we can
On our journey
From where we began

There to the horizon
Which way will you go
For we choose as one
What future we’ll know