So Much More …

“Who am I?” – it is a question with a deep and powerful answer. It is also a question, of course, that can have many answers, dependent upon which perspective you choose to take. For myself, for example, it could be said that I am Dan – a writer, philosopher, and a historian living and working in the great land of northern Minnesota, USA … or it could be said that I am a man of great passion for my work, with the intention of sharing my contemplations for hope that they might provide others with a bit of wisdom or comfort, or at least encourage a degree of consideration about the true meanings of life. However, when we explore the many facets and features of this reality … combining not simply one or two views, but many … a greater truth begins to emerge. Like so many pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, coming together one part at a time to form a fuller picture, life (I find) is made of many small glimpses – bits and pieces of truth – that must be assembled to truly be understood.

What I said about myself is true … and every one of us could say something similar … but that is hardly the complete picture, is it? For starters, let us bring-in the issue of time, for the nature of time is every bit as much a part of you as the flesh and bones of your physical body. When we collaborate the ideas of such keen minds as David Bohm and his “Implicate Order and Explicate Order”, Stephen Hawking and his “No Boundary Proposal”, Albert Einstein’s theory of Relativity and 4th dimensional timespace, and Hugh Everett’s “Many Worlds Theory” (to name a few), we find that time truly can be said to be an illusion. Add to this scientific collective, the teachings of ancient esoteric wisdom as found in Buddhism, the Gnostics, Nestorian Christianity, Hinduism, and the writings of Plato (again, to name just a few), and we are presented with a view of ourselves that can become simply mind-boggling! Many incarnations … throughout both our perceived ‘past’ and ‘future’ … all existing simultaneously, in a perpetual ‘now’ … it’s a lot to try and wrap one’s mind around, however the evidence (both in my opinion and in my experience) is simply undeniable.

So let that sink-in for a moment: that ‘who you are’ is an essential infinity of possibilities, probabilities, experience and movement of consciousness through many, many layers of reality. Now, for the sake of our progression as ‘aspects of the entirety’, we are generally only consciously aware of one, or a few, of these dimensions to our being – nature’s ‘little helper’ that allows us to contemplate one small piece at any given moment so that understanding may better be achieved and assimilated. Hence we have the perception of linear time – time that seems to move in a single direction, from ‘here’ to there’. Yet, when we delve deeply into the question of who we are in our totality, we find that such a concept cannot be completely divorced from our understanding, as every life to which you have incarnated, affects all others. Furthermore, each of those ‘other lives’ is, in actuality, continually developing and changing as we do in our current ‘now’, or point of focus.

In our daily lives we typically consider ourselves to be singular … just one little person strolling along through space, one day at a time. ‘I’m nobody special’ we say … ‘I’m nobody of significance’ and what I do or think or feel ‘doesn’t really matter’. In fact, it IS matter, in the most literal sense! And the importance of each and every one of us may not be noticed by your boss at work or the politicians or the people next door, or even by yourself, but noticed or not it is indeed there! What’s more, it can be accessed … for once again, ‘it’ is not something outside of yourself, but something which is yourself, at all times and in all places. If you’re familiar with my work than you know I have talked about what I call ‘the language of life’ – that’s what this is … the fundamental energy of your ever-evolving consciousness … information, both mental and emotional, translating itself through holographic reality into this silly little experience that we call ‘life’. Learn to hear that ‘language’ … that communication between our conscious minds and ‘nature’s mind’ which is all around us … and truly any question can be answered! I know: “easier said than done”, right? But it might not be quite so hard as you suppose, if at first you have the will and the focus to LISTEN. Listen to your heart, and listen to your mind … listen to those around you and use both your intuition and your analytical senses to help discover the hidden truth. It’s a journey well worth taking, because once you teach yourself to hear that language of life, why then my friends, you can learn how to begin to speak it … and that is where reality REALLY begins to get interesting!

The power is within you – the ability and the knowledge, is within you … take that step with an open mind and a pure heart my fellow Humans, for who you think you are right now, is only just the beginning …

-Good journey to you all-