Freedom Reign

The root of freedom is planted deep into the soil of our living souls. It is as vital perhaps, as the very air we breathe or the sunlight upon our faces. It is not a right given by law or representation, but rather a sense like sight or intuition, which is born within each of us, and contains a piece of the divine heart from which we all are conceived. Understanding the subject of freedom is understanding the subject of people, and understanding the subject of people is to understand ourselves … the question, of why we are here?

Human follies and faults shall always be with us … there is no escape from our own imperfections, but yet no force is righteous against what should not be governed: the individual as the thoughts and feelings that make them. The feared hazards of freedom for some, is an inability to cope with these challenges. Indeed, it would seem to be a legitimate concern … however, I offer that the solution is not in governance but again in freedom itself: the freedom for people to learn, react to their conscience, help one another, and have the resources to do so. Few aspects within the human experience demands greater care or responsibility than our own freewill, yet let us not consider this subject only from one dimension.

Great hearts prosper, when great minds wonder … when freedom desires no ills.  As human beings, we are not a part of this reality without purpose. We are here to learn and to change … to evolve, as spiritual beings in a material world. The liberty to do so is in both a state of mind and of body, and it is a feeling in the heart that our words must attempt to describe. And it is by this liberty, that all great potential has conditions to bloom: the potential of prosperity, compassion, and invention. A reality in which all can live without suffering lies in our freedom to choose it as so, and in our humility, which tempers our responsibility, so that life can learn to be gentle, and all that is beautiful may grow.

The inalienable right of our independence – the freedom to be, in all of its dimensions, must forever endure. May no tyranny of fear or metal, nor hardship of time or want, infringe upon this noble power that by our wisdom and humanity may guide us to a golden horizon. Each of us need shoulder the cause of human freedom with an unyielding strength, and we live and die by the words imprinted across our loving conscience, that a person is and must forever be, sovereign to the self, while still a humble servant of the people. Freedom, my friends, is a part of why we are here … freewill, and the lessons which it imparts.