One Plus One

To understand the concept of these words, one must first try to understand the abstract idea of a holographic reality. Holographic reality is not something we are typically taught about in school, yet the evidence for such is both highly compelling and, when all points are considered, hard to refute. It is scientifically verifiable, as shown by the discipline of quantum physics … yet its foundation can actually be found hidden in much of our own ancient history – from the geometry of the Great Pyramid to the ‘Dream Time’ of the Australian aborigines.

The basic concept is this: Existence is energy … ‘information’ from consciousness, vibrating at a certain frequency that is within our perceptions. As energy is infinitely connected – being the very ‘building blocks’ of all that is – everything is quite literally connected, and thus it could even be said that All is One. Now, if we are to observe any select piece of that totality, that piece will still contain all of the information of ‘the One’ – encoded in the subtle vibrations of its existence. Furthermore, anything that is done to the piece – anything that we do, through even simple observation or perception – that might alter that piece, also changes the whole. The ‘space’ between the piece and the whole, is truly an illusion of our perceptions … as is the ‘time’, for point of fact. Put simply: we are all One, brought into being by consciousness – living, observing, and interacting with a point of  focus for our minds, and an expression of our hearts (our emotions). What one does affects all, if only in the subtlety of being.

You might want to read through all of that again … it’s a lot to wrap one’s mind around! Really it’s because what we’re talking about is a multidimensional concept … and we’re using the very limited medium of words to try and describe it. If it’s all too ‘left brain’ for you to catch though, don’t worry … try and get a feel for it. Almost like, if you can imagine yourself way out in space and looking back towards the earth … everyone you’ve ever met or will meet, anything you’ve ever done or will do, everything that we have ever thought and everything that we have ever created … it’s all ‘back there on that blue ball out in space’. It’s all connected … it’s all part of the same ‘big story’ … and when we can realize that inside of us, it totally changes how we view everything! Strip-away all of the stresses and distractions of daily life on the surface, and reality is quite the miraculous thing!

NOW … let’s go ONE MORE step into that ‘rabbit hole’ of truth: our awareness of reality, expands reality. WE are creators within the matrix of what we call ‘life’ … and so ‘truth’ really is what we make of it, with the level of awareness by which we understand it. But now here’s the catch: our awareness is as multidimensional as life is … awareness has many levels between what we might call the ‘super consciousness’ or perhaps the ‘higher self’ – where perception is outside of the confines of ‘physical senses’ and our ‘personal desires’ – and the level of awareness you have right now, reading this. It is from these other levels of awareness, that we get notions such as fate or destiny … higher conscious creation, without practical awareness. That sounds like a contradiction, doesn’t it? Not if you think multidimensionaly …

Whoa! So not only are we living in a multidimensional, holographic reality … but that reality is being created through a cooperation between ‘myself’ as a concept of being an aware individual, and ‘myself’ as an objective, coordinating force of experience! That’s not only hard to visualize, it’s hard to say! Let’s put it this way: YOU create your own reality, but just who ‘YOU’ are, is a lot more than just a part-time nerd/truth-seeker. There’s you … and then there’s You … just like, you are but one, yet you are also – One. It’s a great exercise for your imagination! -lol-

So what am I getting at with all of this … what’s the bottom-line? I think the daily point is here: you matter. Put as simply as I can – you matter – your thoughts and your feelings and your actions and your hopes … it all matters. It matters because whether you realize it or not, you are a part of a miracle that is our existence! And whether you can believe it or not, who you understand yourself to be, and how you perceive the world around you, affects the life in which you live. We are all significant as a part of One … and also, as one more. Hmmmmm … something to contemplate, at least.

~ Best wishes and good journey to all ~