World Within

Have you ever just stood there and wondered about everything – about people, about the world, about yourself … deep thoughts about why things are the way they are? Have you ever felt like there must be some sort of meaning to all this … some meaning for you?

As people who have a desire to understand life, we look around at this world and what do we see … honestly … what do we find? The answer is boggling, isn’t it – a full spectrum from the most beautiful acts of spirit to the most tragic¬† acts of hate. We see all of the horrible problems for the world, yet along side of them, we can still find things of such purity and love that it melts our very souls within. As an emotional being, tears can come to my eyes from either case … and I wonder … I wonder how it can be.

It’s a lot to look at … a lot to try and process.¬† Sometimes I think it helps to bring my focus around to just one piece at a time … of course, the problem I often encounter with taking it ‘one piece at a time’, is that each piece ends up having a whole other puzzle inside of it! One thing always leads to another, doesn’t it? Actually I think it’s rather a fascinating game – of learning, discovery, and new levels of perception or consciousness … a game that keeps you guessing where it will take you next.

But you know, at the end of the day, life always kind of boils-down to you … because no matter where else you want to look at on that ‘big picture’ of life, what is seen will always depend upon you, and your individual ability to understand it. I suppose then, that it really could be said that ‘the world’ is equally found within you … because that’s how you must know it. And, when we consider what we have talked about here on other occasions – about how reality is holographic in nature, and how each of us is truly connected in the most profound of ways – then we begin to realize that the ‘world within’ is far more literal than me might first assume.

So now, how might we describe this ‘world within’ that I’m talking about? Let us say – it is the terrain of the mind … a landscape of thought and emotion – carved from the bedrock of consciousness by the rivers of creativity, and the fires of our own freewill. It is YOU, in the most holistic sense – body and spirit, matter and energy, intentions and concepts and hopes and dreams … The world within is that place where truth meets ego, and experience ages to wisdom. It’s that place where, if you’re curious enough and honest enough to explore it, you can find out just who you truly are. And, once you start to get a grip on that, understanding the world around you gets a bit easier. Why? Because like I already said: one thing leads to another … it’s all connected.

If you want to understand ‘that other person’, start by examining your own perspective of them – are you really sure what you are perceiving, is what actually is? How might you behave, or believe, if your experiences had been the same as ‘theirs’? Often doing so helps us to view things with a bit more compassion … a bit more understanding that, ‘that other person’ is on a journey for learning too! Now, maybe some are further along than others … and maybe we don’t all have the same direction in mind … but ultimately it’s all just part of the process of life … growing, learning, and finding-out the responsibility for our own freewills.

That’s a quick, general kind of understanding. Believe me, it goes much farther than that – but we’re taking this one step at a time, remember? And don’t underestimate the significance of this simple little wisdom – to try and see how reality likes to reflect back upon you – to understand another person as if you were in their shoes … because it’s a clue to something much, much bigger! What is that ‘something’? Well, for right now let me say that: it’s something only YOU can realize … because the answer has to do with what you find inside, when you traverse the terrain of the world within …

More to come folks, but let us hold-on to that last thought for a bit. Good journey to you all!