The Alternative

We live in a society that often encourages a sense of dis-empowerment. Reality, they would have us believe, is something that happens to you … and so you must react. Consequently we live within a society of people who, from the wounds of their experiences, have come to believe (subconsciously at least) that they are powerless. This sense of powerlessness becomes a disconnect from their own source of life … their ability to create, and to generate the life-force – the energy – to grow. They forget who and what they truly are. They become sad … or angry, or intolerant … for a part of them knows that something is missing … that something isn’t right. There is this ‘hole’ within them that life seems to be conspiring to keep open … and they seek to fill it. How? By trying to take the life – the energy or the power – from others.

Now, words like ‘power’ and ‘take’ tend to conjure some rather dramatic images. Indeed, this common feeling of powerlessness and externalized reality has manifested in some incredibly dramatic and tragic ways! However, for most people, it is a bit more subtle … or at least not quite on  the scale of global war. The same basic process is being used though, and it’s being used everyday in the squabbles, criticisms, and ‘poor-me’ acts of people who have forgotten (or never learned) that reality doesn’t ‘just happen’, but is created by your understanding of yourself and the truth of your own inner-ability.

Have you ever wondered why vampires are so popular? Beings who are disturbed by the light of day, and must drain the life of others to survive … or zombies, who are the dead made animate, and seek to destroy the living. What about Harry Potter and his (often demented) magic … or Batman, the so called ‘Dark Knight’ whose childhood trauma inspires him to ‘righteous vengeance’? All of these characters contain that element of shadows and darkness, and each gains ‘power’ from or over others. Fallible as they may be, each becomes a sort of legend or legacy – a symbol of power (ironically ‘fictional’) … the power that, subconsciously and/or consciously, so many people wish that they had …

This is social mind control at its finest – with the power of media and industry behind it. That these, and many other, popular social phenomenons communicate such a warped perspective about life is hardly unintentional, however that is a subject too involved for this post … instead let us simply realize that what we ‘enjoy as entertainment’ speaks loudly of what is going on within us – a possible reflection of the same ‘hole’, the same lack of understanding, the same fear that hides in the shadows of our own psyches. Ultimately, most of it is about a quest for power, for people who have been led to believe that they have none …

Terrorism! – Cancer! – the IRS! – Asteroids plummeting toward the Earth, and ‘God’s judgment’ upon your soul! … fear, creating a sense of powerlessness, is both pervasive and potent to our society. These forms of global frequency modulation, or manipulation of Humanity on the energy level of being, can be a daunting force to deal with. Yet, again quite ironically, these ‘great forces’ of negative energy can only endure so long as we allow them to, by not understanding what they truly are … and who we truly are, behind the veil of reality that is ‘given’ to us. Choose not to fear – by understanding the truth – and reality can change in the blink of an eye.

So what is the truth about power … what is that ‘understanding’ that seems so lacking? Well, one could write an entire book trying to cover all of the angles -lol- which I have (tried) … but for now let us boil-it-down to this: power is your ability to see life from beyond its limited appearance … to recognize that it is not something that happens around you, but something that happens within you. Power is the knowing that YOU are the creator, or co-creator, of every experience which you have, and that ‘hole’ which you feel and try to fill with the energy you can get from others, is actually the illusion of your own ‘insignificance’ … it is your fear.

You don’t need to seek power from or over others … such a dependence really isn’t power at all! You don’t need to be afraid of the future … the future is what we choose to create right now, and that is always shifting and changing by the degree which we come to understand it, and by the intentions by which we move towards it. The power is already there … it is within each and every one of us. The question which we must ask, is what kind of reality are you ready to understand and experience now – the old matrix of fear and externalization, or the truth … that you are the power, and that your life, is a journey of great and profound meaning.

Best wishes to all … keep feeling, keep thinking, keep questioning – the answers CAN be found, if we are but bold enough to look!