Paradigm of Fear

Boy, what a party-pooper I am! Don’t I know that Halloween is just a holiday of fun for the kids? What’s the big deal? Candy and costumes … there’s nothing wrong with that! And hey, my kids aren’t even going as zombies and witches – just angels and bunnies! So how is this such a bad thing? Mr. Thomas, you’ve gone too far! Or have I …

Once again, the stores are filled with decorations of bats and jack-o-lanterns, and stocked with all the best sweets and over-priced plastic ‘joy’ that money can buy. Innocent smiles on the faces of little children mingle with the ignorant thrill of teenagers (and many adults) for the fantasy of disguise … in a celebration of the ‘fun of fear’ and the whimsy of commercial imagination. Those without any spiritual understanding, or sense about the true nature of our existence, strive to imitate the worst nightmares of inhumanity … while those who, by religious dogma (without full comprehension) or conscience and good intent, attempt to soften the holiday with a more positive imagery. Yes, Halloween: one of the biggest holidays of the year! But what the ‘Hell’ is it all about? No, no – this isn’t an article about the so called Pagan origins … and no, it isn’t about any religious interpretations either. What I’m going to talk about here, is the energy of the event – what it is and how it affects the reality as we know it. Because, in my humble opinion, that is what it is all about!

Let’s start here: all is energy – I’ve said this a million times. Our thoughts, our feelings … our beliefs and our perceptions … all generate a frequency of energy which creates the reality that we experience (that’s the short version). Most of this occurs without our awareness of it. Typically, it never even occurs to people that whatever is going-on in the inner world of our minds, alters what is going-on in the world around us. What’s more, most people don’t realize that this frequency generation and manifestation of reality occurs not simply on the conscious level, but also the subconscious level, and the superconscious level as well. Intention plays a role in it, of course … but even good intentions can fail when there is a lack of wisdom and understanding to go with them. Herein lies the subtlety of life.

It IS a good intention to try and soften Halloween by avoiding the most gruesome and violent aspects of the holiday … focusing on genuinely cute and lovable costumes, the pleasure of treats, and the fun of pretending. In no way do I condemn this, or claim that a toddler dressed as a smiling pumpkin is somehow ‘evil’. However, I ask those of you who bother to read my words and contemplate life from a deeper level, to consider what might be called the ‘pyramid scheme of influence’, and the ‘collective equation of manifestation’. Now, let me explain just what those ‘smart sounding’ terms mean:

The manifestation of reality is a cooperative process. My resonant frequency combines with yours, and yours with another, and so on … all the way from the individual to the whole of humanity. The power or strength of each part, or individual, varies according to the degree of focus and will that is applied. The more people focus on an agreed concept of reality – the more energy that concept has – the greater its ‘reality’ or influence becomes. Here’s a very simple example: we all ‘know’ that people cannot fly (without some form of technology). There is a general agreement on this (on the subconscious level, specifically) … an agreement that gravity exists, and that we as human beings are not naturally equipped with the means to substantially counter it. Because of this agreement, which forms a collective of energy, flight is not a part of our mass reality … we ‘know’ that we can’t, and so … we can’t. Or try this example: you can read these words because they are written in letters … two-dimensional symbols combined to represent a specific concept … the concept they represent is communicated to you, because of a conscious agreement (among English language-users) on the symbol’s meaning. Or to put this in the lingo of energy, harmony of vibrations occurs when the resonance of each field aligns … thus amplifying, and impacting the conditions more absolutely. Did I lose you? Okay, let’s just make it real simple: the more that is put into something, the more can come out of it.

Now, ultimately it is possible for an individual to override the mass reality. -lol- I’ll just throw that out there to confuse things all the more. But the point is, all of this negative energy that is being put out there with Halloween affects the reality which we experience. The more negativity from people, the more (generally speaking) negative our reality becomes. AND – the more people are accepting of such negativity, or supplying energy unwittingly to it by ‘celebrating’ (even in innocence), the stronger that negative reality can become. Like Edmund Burke once said: “All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”. Einstein talked about this as well … about the energy you put out there being the energy that will come back. It’s hardly a radical notion – it’s simply logical, when you realize that even the energy of ‘fantasy’, is very real indeed … and it is pertinent.

It gets down to the question: what kind of reality do you want to create – what kind of reality are WE going to make? Personally, after so many thousands of years of the same old ‘Hell’ on earth – the hate, the pain, the fear – I think it’s high time we at least try to change it into something better! Maybe we need a holiday celebrating the courage of kindness? -lol- Well it’s a thought …

Goodwill to you all, and good journey … keep thinking, keep feeling … and never forget that life is not made by what we find outside of us, but what we knowinside of us!