Mind and Heart

If but we could see through the eyes of the Earth, what an incredible portrait we could paint … for the Earth sees all equally in life, and doesn’t discern it as we do. It doesn’t neglect the consciousness of any being, and it recognizes life in everything … for indeed life is in everything,  not simply what we learn to be aware of. Anyone who has truly bonded with an animal, can recognize the emotion and the depth that it has … yet few recognize that the same spark of consciousness can be found in the plants that surround us, or even more so, in the very stone and soil beneath our feet. Rarely do we acknowledge the consciousness of clouds, or even of air … however some seem to find it in their computers, or in their cars when they won’t start in winter -lol- but in truth, consciousness can be found there as well! The proof is in our understanding – not just through the mind, but through the heart …

December 23, 2013 – The New Yorker did and article called ‘The Intelligent Plant’ … a good read. There’s also a lot of other fascinating stuff out there: Collective Evolution’s article – ‘Does the Earth Have Its Own Consciousness’ … or the Daily Mail’s article from November 17, 2009 on the consciousness of insects … just a few pieces from a plethora of information that’s available out there! Once again, science is slowly catching-up with what our ancestors knew intuitively: that existence itself is born of consciousness, and that understanding consciousness is key to our understanding of reality. What is more, once this comprehension can go beyond raw intellect and into the sphere of emotion, then we can also discover the very root of our own humanity: compassion.

It’s all connected … from the thoughts we breathe to the air we imagine … all parts of one universal ‘being’ that we call life. It’s easier to experience compassion when you see how things tie together – how everything relates. Thing is, most people don’t see it … they are unaware, not only of much that surrounds them, but also of the significance of what surrounds them. And, because people lack the general awareness that everything is connected by consciousness, they believe their actions and their creations are ultimately of little consequence. Whether it’s building a machine to contain information or the dismissal of a friend in need, that we place these things apart from us, is a failing of our awareness to realize just what the reality truthfully is.

There is a use for both mind and heart towards understanding our reality … both logic and love grant layers of understanding that the other often fails to perceive. As co-creators, as spiritual beings with a desire to make good use of our lives, let us make good use of our consciousness … let us learn to be responsible for and with, what we create … be those creations our actions or our technologies; our thoughts or our feelings. For, it is with that awareness – with that compassion – that we can truly change the world … by changing ourselves, and finally learning the lesson that history as pleaded with us to find for so very, very long: HUMANITY.

It’s a fascinating phenomenon that we have going here … this thing called ‘life’. I think we’d best take a new look at it, with eyes for understanding inclusion rather than exclusion … with the awareness and consideration of what wise people have shown. For, in the greater perspective of time, it’s not so much what life makes of you, but what you make of life that counts! So with that sentiment, I wish you all a good journey – and know it not just in your head, but in your heart