Turn the face of life,

Just forty-five from zero.

Still here, but yet not-at-all the same,

For the people have founded a greater land.

With no blackened heart or beast to tame,

And truth transformed the hero

With the strength to end the strife.

So now all things move as one,

When the winds of change breathe forth.

Like artists working the earth and wave,

Shifting ancient patterns of our earthly sand,

And teaching its knowledge to the brave:

That for common truth henceforth –

Good will all, be done.

Then futures converge to now;

Like passing of a season.

Turn not once, but twice to see the view –

Of a soul’s great quest through yet a higher band,

Where learning all things can be anew,

And days can come with reason

But if we allow.

Now shine within morning’s light

And feel the warmth of its compassion

The connection to a much wiser being,

Or a broader range to what we are seeing.

By a traveler’s tale throughout night

When longing hearts reach outward,

To where life beholds insight.

-Dan Thomas-