The Grand Journey

“Who am I, what is it all about, and why am I here … they are questions which humanity has asked from its very beginning; they are the questions which we must each ask ourselves. The journey for truth, and perhaps even more so for meaning, begins when in honesty these questions are explored, and when in heart we do listen. Best wishes to all.” – Dan Thomas

I made this video, with grateful regard for JV Studios and FIT design, for the purpose of communicating with others a balanced and empowering view of life: where we can face the reality that we see surrounding us, while realizing the power of the reality within us. It conveys the idea that unity, built upon a morale foundation of humanity, can help to guide us on the path to unlocking our greatest spiritual potential. With a focus on the positive, as opposed to the negative, The Grand Journey helps direct us toward a progressive mindset where the future is made not tomorrow, but now.

Introduction – Look around … look within, and make the discovery that everything is far more that what first appears. Ask questions, and seek answers, as we begin the journey of understanding.

Part I – Who Am I?

Part II – What Is It All About?

Part III – Why Am I Here?