The Greatest Discovery

I guess it could be said that I have always been an explorer at heart … yet at the same time I have never been particularly interested in traveling anywhere. There are many beautiful and fascinating places in this world … places that stir the imagination and awaken the wonder of our creation, but yet there is also a particular place that I know of that surpasses them all. This place that I speak of cannot be found on any map. This place that I speak of has no degree of longitude or latitude, and it is completely inaccessible by car or plane or ship. It is not near or far from home, and the only traveling costs are a bit of patience, honesty, and the will to go there. The place I speak of, is the frontier of inner space … the realm within.

Mind, and soul, and feeling … belief, and time, and creation; love and fear, and space without distance and substance without matter … these are the terrains which we each carry within us. We are inclined to forget them, when the world of paying our bills and putting food on the table forces their way into our focus, but yet I would argue that it is still of at least equal importance. Each of us has the responsibility, as living and spiritual beings, to venture beyond the borders of our so limited five senses, and into the questions of who we truly are, and why we are here. Why do I say it is our responsibility? I say that, because the well-being of all … all people, all life on this Earth (and beyond) hinges on that very journey. Everyone and everything is connected by that primordial tether of energy … energy, imbued with consciousness and focused through awareness into the holographic form that we call reality.

The entrance to the corridors of physical creation is through our understanding … of ourselves, of each other, and of the world which we perceive. ALL is of the mind … of emotion and of thought, and of our ability to find meaning within them. We face an epoch where the veil of our own ignorance about ourselves and of reality itself, is lifting, and revealing, to guide us towards that next level of spiritual evolution. Should we cling to that familiar past, and refuse the opportunity presented to us now by continuing to deny the very essence of our reality, then we will find ourselves within a maze that goes nowhere but back upon itself. However, if we should be bold, and provide ourselves the time to look deeper into the cosmos we carry within, then the future we shall create will be one of amazing potential.

You cannot simply say that you are the creator of your experience and expect it to be so … expect it to instantaneously transform by the desires of your conscious mind. It is not ‘mind over matter’ … mind IS the matter, and connecting to that truth so that reality can alter into a better state takes time and dedication. What’s more, one must realize that the mind of our creation goes far beyond our mere conscious thoughts … beyond even our subconscious thoughts. One must learn to tune themselves to those higher frequencies of the superconsciousness, where we direct our experiences according to lessons and meanings for spiritual growth, not worldly desires and aspirations. This means that you cannot get there by thinking and feeling in the same old patterns of personal disempowerment. The solution lies not in the doctor, or the PhD, or even the mystical guru … the solution lies within your willingness to find and accept the truth of who and what you really are: a portion of the eternal One, which is the consciousness of (as the author Jane Roberts and Seth might say) all that is.

Do not be confused, for what I am talking about has nothing to do with belief … it is knowing. And knowing isn’t simply a strength in belief, that refuses to accept anything beyond … quite the contrary, it is the realization of truth, regardless of your personal beliefs. To know who you are, by the deepest levels of your being, is to move beyond those fears and pains … beyond those ideas so deeply programmed into us … beyond those concepts which for so long have governed our most basic perceptions, and into that realm of discovery where words fail but feelings find … find the truth, of the divine nature within us all. You have to feel it to know it, and you have to have both the honesty and the will to feel it. You have to have the patience and humility to know that this connection and understanding is not something to be obtained over the weekend … or over a single year, or even a lifetime. It is not a destination, rather it is a direction charted by the heart and your growing awareness. Nothing stands in the way of your knowing, but yourself

Good journey to you all, and best wishes. The power is within you, but you must first learn who you are before you can truly wield it …