Can You See It?

“Subtlety reveals the profound.”

Many of the greatest truths and deepest meanings can be found all around you … they simply go unnoticed. Distractions and apathy rule many a mind, though this too is seldom realized. We have become a civilization of reactionary mentality and automated responses, with perceptions that are filtered and diluted by a seemingly omnipotent presence of preconditioned reality. So subtle is this veil, that most fail to comprehend its profound influence upon our lives. Thoughts and feelings, believed so adamantly to be sincere and our own, in truth, often have their origins in the mire of a millennia of subconscious social programming. Illusion blends with our perspicacity like a comforting lie for the ego, until the difference between truth and falsehood fades into a mystery.

But it doesn’t have to be that way … there ARE solutions, and they begin with an effort of awareness for our own hearts and minds, and the desire to comprehend life more fully. Utilize both the analytical and the intuitive sides of your being … question not just the world around you, but also yourself. Study reality with mind and emotion in cooperation, with honesty and without fear … for reality speaks to you every moment of every day. What does that book that you’re reading really mean – what messages is it feeding the subconscious? When you feel anger, sadness, or jealousy – why do you feel it, and does it really make sense? Are your thoughts truly your own, or are they coming from that favorite TV show, or the words said to you by your parents when you were young, or the religion of science? These are all questions that people tend to answer rather quickly and dismissively, for the answers may not be obvious or very comfortable to deal with, yet it is within such questions that the key to our greater understanding resides.

I have said it many times and I say it again: life is journey, not a destination. It will take time and effort to understand all of the implications of one’s own thoughts and emotions … it takes focus and will to navigate this reality. Without the attempt, then you can expect nothing more than what has already been … but with that choice to try – to try and face the truth of who and what you are – then life becomes a grand quest which serves the good of all, empowers the individual as well as the masses, and opens your experience to the profound meaning which has always been there, but was just never realized …