Harvesting Ideas

“Labor grows character, but contemplation ripens it.”

Work, work, work … we all have things that we have to do. And hey, there can be a lot of satisfaction in our labors, even if they seem to serve little else than paying the bills. We have to work – life takes effort – but another part of life, and a part of who we are, is in the realm of our minds … in our imaginations and in how we see ourselves as human beings. Curiosity, and that echo from the soul that wants us to understand things a little bit better … this is where all that endurance and daily-doings and experience can turn into something more meaningful. When one contemplates their life, or the lives of others or the true depth of our reality, then one has the opportunity evolve … to grow in their understanding, and expand their consciousness. To see more of the ‘big picture’ of our existence, you first have to try and take a look at it; think about it, feel about it, learn, and perceive this ‘puzzle of life’ with more than just your own two eyes. The quality of ones being after all, is not in their appearance but in the content of  their character … in their ideas and in their humanity, in their intentions and in their wisdom to understand those intentions … in their compassion, and in their soul.

So what do you think? What is the difference between life and living … between just a person and an evolving human being? What is your character, and what purpose does it serve? What are your qualities and what are your faults? Give it some attention, and you may find that ‘who you are’ can be defined by far more than just the trappings of daily labors – it has to do with what you find within …