Choose Wisely

Life is formed in the present, by the choices which we make between two fundamental aspects of being: fear and love. To truly understand this however, one has to delve beyond the surface of what those two words mean, and realize the profound influence of our perceptions on the very fabric of reality.

What is love? When I speak of love here, don’t be blinded by the romanticism of Hollywood or the glassy-eyed fantasy of some spiritualists. Love is not passive and neither is it impotent. It is a powerful force of creation and an understanding of the the divine connection between all that is. Love is a compassion that extends far beyond mere appearances or catchy phrases and flowers … it is a way of being, rooted deep within the soul, that acknowledges how we are all parts of an infinite collective of consciousness that is experiencing and becoming ever more aware … of itself. Love is a rapid vibration of energy that does not impose itself on others, rather it exposes itself to others, so that knowledge may be gained by freewill for the progression of reality back into its true source.

So, what is fear? Fear is the deception. Fear is the belief in powerlessness and the disconnection between the self and the reality around you. It is the root of emotions such as hatred, selfishness, lack and bigotry, and is a force of spiritual oppression. It is slow vibration of energy that stifles our progress and limits our potential, and it narrows the awareness so that truth can not be seen clearly.

Love and fear – the foundations of human emotion. Dr. Gregg Bradon, noted for his discovery of the effects of emotion upon human DNA, demonstrates very clearly how these two forces are integral in the manifestation of reality. His scientific study confirms many of the lessons of ancient cultures – that the modern idea of division between ourselves and our experiences really is pure illusion. We are co-creators of this world, and how we approach it and understand it can make all the difference.

The future is a choice … a choice we make in every moment of every day. What will we make of our reality? What is in-store for us, and the world, and our journey through life? Everything happens for a reason, and we (often subconsciously) are the creators of that reason. The significance of the individual, as a part of the whole, can not be understated … for ultimately they are one and the same. Remove the mask of fear, my friends … be bold, and let the understanding of love guide you. You can make a difference! The choice, however … is yours. I pray that you choose wisely.