Holographic Thought

holographic reality, thought, consciousness, manifestation, create your own reality

Your awareness influences the manifestation of reality … for, on the quantum level, it is now understood that one can not divorce the observer from the observed. From the micro to the macro, all of reality is comprised of energy … information, and the direction of consciousness. Every individual, with the thoughts and beliefs and emotions that they have, directly influences the reality which we experience. Existence, it would seem, is interactive on a level so profound that few truly comprehend its significance. Once this barrierĀ  to our understanding is breached however, and the subtle truth is revealed to us, then the significance of the life which we experience within becomes one, with the life we experience externally.

Think about today … and think about what part you played in it. Where you sad or happy? Where you angry or content? Did you reach out with your heart towards others, or did you hide for fear of that heart being broken? Did you yell at your kids … did you yell at yourself? What judgements did you pass, and what were your reactions towards others? And then perhaps the most important question: why? If you’re answering these questions with “because they made me mad” or “because ‘Bob’ at work said this to me” … then I’m sorry, but you haven’t caught the point at all. We are taught to externalize our lives … told, by orthodox science, that first experience happens and then we react to it. The truth, however, is not that way at all! I ask again: what are you creating for a life experience … what influence are your beliefs and thoughts and emotions, and your awareness of them, having on your life?

You know there’s a classic experiment, with many variations, that illustrates an important point about the power of the heart and of the mind. In brief, you have two plants – both given the same conditions of sunlight and water and so on – but one of them is praised by the attendant and the other shunned. The only significant difference for these two plants is the attitude … the consciousness of the attendant. Lo-and-behold, what happens? The one given love flourishes, while the one despised, withers. The energy of the attendant directly influences the manifestation of experience, for better or for worse. Now, realize that essentially the same process is occurring … with the people of your life, with yourself, and with all of the world around you. Now ask yourself once more, what are you influencing with your energy? Be honest …

Illness, ‘accidents’, attitudes … ‘luck’, and love and hate … all originate not from the interplay of physics, but from the conditions of metaphysics. So, once you truly understand this, you realize that what is going-on inside the private corridors of your own mind should probably be analyzed with a bit more discretion … and chosen with a bit more care. That “fat, ugly person” that you just made fun of while driving down the street … guess what, you just sent that person a batch of negative energy, which effects the resonant frequency of everything! When you looked in the mirror this morning and saw your face with those “crooked teeth” or “stringy hair” … what kind of energy did you just contribute? “Oh my God, a wood tick bite … I might have Lyme disease!” – “The doctor said it’s cancer, and I have only three months to live!” – “Smoking cigarettes kills you, and smokers are so disgusting!” … Think about it. Everything that you do or say, or think or feel or believe – EVERYTHING, has a direct affect on the manifestation of this reality, for everything is connected to the other on the quantum level. And so, your increased awareness of yourself, and a sense of responsibility for how you influence this reality, is essential towards helping create the sort of life that we would all like to experience: positive, peaceful, and prosperous.

Find out who you are, my friends … and realize why you are! There is so much more going on than what you’re seeing with your eyes … and there is so much more to YOU than you’ve ever given credit. Life is here for us to learn folks … to love and to grow as the spiritual beings which we are. We are multidimensional consciousness – holographic interpretations of the energy which we feel, and the truth which we perceive. The Revolution of Humanity is not a tool in the hand, but a power in the heart! Best wishes, and good journey to all …