Being the Awareness

Something different is in the air … it’s not like it was before. Life loses its edge but it broadens in depth, for you are not just applying what you have learned to specific instances … you are living it, as a constant state of being. People are not perceived as simply what they present to you, rather they are known for whom and what they truly are. The world around you is not just to show you something, it is you, and it alters by how you understand it. Reality is a symphony of living, feeling consciousness … and you are a part of all that is. You are living in a state of awareness!

So, as the sojourn continues into ever deeper waters of experience, what was once an effort now becomes an instinct … you don’t simply remember to apply yourself when marked circumstances occur – a moment of adversity¬† or a test of patience – but you feel it as an integral part of who you are. And the world doesn’t have to be such the muddled place that it always has been, my friends … for in every moment, and in every interaction, you can do something to help it!

Intention is perhaps foremost, but maybe too, is attention. What does your mind and what do your feelings say to you, how do you interpret them, and is that the reality you really wish to choose? How are you reacting to that other person, and is that the interaction which you desire? The moment is malleable … you can help to re-shape it into something better for everyone, and when you truly are living in a state of growing awareness, you feel compelled to do so … with love, with strength, humility, and the confidence of clarity.

And what is that ‘better for everyone’ … that ominous and egotistic sounding phrase? … simply that you live your life in the best way that you can, with human compassion and the wisdom of your journey. Don’t be afraid to let life touch you … and don’t be afraid to let yourself touch it back … you will survive, and what’s more you will find a strength that you never thought you had. Life is a state of mind my friends … be bold yet be mindful, and you can unlock the grand potential of a reality where everyone benefits, no matter who they are, because it is by what all of us can share: the power of our humanity.