Masters of the Mind

Worshipers once prayed to God for guidance, and now they pray to Google. Personally, I think there is more than ample evidence for the flaws (and benefits) in both belief systems, but at least with religion they realized that is what they were doing. Today it would seem that there is a new and more subtle god on the scene, with devoted followers all across the globe. Some still call themselves Christians, or Jews, or Atheists, or Spiritualists … but all have succumbed to the same master: Technology. Think about it – you see the ‘sacred symbols’ everywhere … you probably carry one in your pocket … you hear the ‘sacred doctrine’ everyday … have you checked your email? Humanity has always been prone to a caste system of masters and servants, the difference we see today however, is that people are often oblivious to whom, or what, their ‘master’ really is.

Artificial intelligence dictates to you your state of health, your state of wealth, your perception of truth … and to dispute it is the ‘heresy of ignorance’. God is often perceived as an omnipotent, omniscient being who directs the course of Human affairs … or did I just describe the internet? The Transhumanist dream has made stunning progress over the years, and what’s more they have done it to a population largely unaware of what is happening. It’s supporters cover a full spectrum of denominations, from unwitting theologians taking their prescribed medications to the ‘saints’ of psychology, anthropology, and engineering – from the ‘gamer’ to the doctor, young and old. But where, I ask you, does it all lead … what does it mean, and how has it come to effect our humanity?

Albert Einstein once warned us that – “the horrifying deterioration of the ethical conduct of people today, stems from the mechanization and dehumanization of our lives; a disastrous by-product of the development of the scientific and technical mentality.” The scientific and technical mentality … a state of being and way of thinking that is disconnected from the essence of true humanity. DEHUMANIZATION … through the unwitting subservience of people who have yet, after millennia of time on this planet, to realize that the true measure of our evolution is not an evaluation of what we see outside, but what we find within. Technology is not evil … nor is a person ‘bad’ for following a belief system that they feel to be from the divine, but when such causes a schism from the root of our humanity, then I submit to you that it is not an evolution but a devolution. It is phenomenon that can be as subtle as the blink of and eye, yet as substantial as the shifting of the globe – and the issue at hand, is nothing less than the survival of humanity itself!

Sounds a bit over-dramatic, doesn’t it? If but only people understood how deep this subject really goes, then perhaps you wouldn’t think so. What it all boils-down to is nothing less than how reality is made manifest, why we are here at all, and what future we shall choose to live in. The externalization of life, through the disconnected technical mentality, means a loss of our essential humanity to a master that finds no value in compassion. And without that compassion, we are no longer human beings, but products of a system for our own demise. We hold the potential for human ascension or descension in our hands … in our daily choice between love or fear, between understanding or ignorance … and in the courage to change. It’s not about ‘my God or your God’, and it’s not about whatever trinkets you own – be they wooden beads or electronic circuits – it’s about people, learning to live in peace and harmony, and discovering that we all can be the masters of our own destiny. Our greatest tool is our minds, our strongest foe is our fear, but the strength to make reality the beautiful thing that it should be, is in our hearts … and our ability to learn what ‘humanity’ truly means: compassion. Let that be our master, and we are slaves to none …