What does it mean, to become “sovereign of the self”? It means having the courage, and the wisdom, to realize all that you truly are. It means not allowing others to rule over you … whether it is an individual or a society, or a belief system, or an industry … or a fear. It means to become a ‘trail-blazer’ … an ‘independent thinker’ … it means, freedom. Some of the forces that attempt control over us are obvious, like governments, economics, and armies … but many more are the subtle beasts of religions and science, of social programming, and hidden feelings. And all that is allowed to have power over you, is a theft of a piece of your own true identity.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not talking about a self-centered perspective where you can play dictator. Neither am I unaware how virtually impossible it is to free oneself from all external rulers … but most of us do have the power to increase our conscious direction of reality – we just never fully realized it. We tend to never realize it, because we are born into a world that is constantly telling us that we are powerless. When you feel a pain or illness, do you run to the doctor? When you feel lost or confused, do you turn to your god? When you want to discover the truth, must science provide you with the ‘proof’? There’s nothing wrong with seeking the wisdom and experience of others to help you, but what is wrong, is to allow that external source to define you, and to neglect your own ability to create solutions … and you have far more ability to do so, than you might believe!

The thing is, that bearing the responsibility to become sovereign of yourself takes effort, and it means defying so much of ‘accepted reality’. It will mean people thinking you are a fool to go against the current of societal structures, and an egotist to dare believe that the ‘experts’ could be wrong. People will hate you, fear you, and they will regurgitate an endless steam of ‘truths’ that they have been fed for their whole lives. No, it is not an easy proposition … and one that never truly ends, for it is a way of being that moves and grows with every layer of your greater understanding. Revolutionary ideas and independent people are rarely met with gratitude, for they force questions upon ourselves that are not never comfortable to face. The messengers who will not conform to our ‘sacred institutions’ are rarely treated with compassion … more often than not, they are persecuted, hunted, and ridiculed. Compromises must be sought that some peace may be maintained, but that  does not alter the truth … only softens it so that others might learn.

People walk around with blinders on … even many of the self-proclaimed ‘aware’ fail to realize how they are often still instruments of a controlled opposition – two sides of a coin that are totally unaware of whose pocket they are in. How often, for example have you heard the argument of religion and science – ‘there is no proof of God’ says one, to which the other says ‘there doesn’t need to be proof, just faith’? What constitutes ‘proof’ I say … one belief system saying it is so because of a fancy chart with numbers and a sample in a jar? What is faith, I say … blind acceptance of a reality without thought or reason or change? People get locked into an ‘either/or’ mentality … ‘I’m right and you’re wrong’, without ever realizing that both are only considering two dimensions of a multidimensional subject. We seek simplicity out of infinity, and believe that simplicity must take the form of a singularity … when we are surrounded and a part of a reality of life, that grows and moves and changes, and has not just one side or two, but many! And what does this dualistic mentality serve? Whose pocket is this coin in, waiting to be spent on the purchase of yet more mass social control? I’ll leave you to ponder that question for yourself … for the answer is one that can only be experienced to be known …

“The bliss of your ignorance is to the joy of tyrants” – is a phrase that I have said, which is rarely understood, for the ‘tyrants’ only appear as men, when in truth they are concepts … they are the ideas that reality is limited by another’s definition, and that we are powerless or incapable to find an understanding beyond it. I suggest to those of you who have taken the time and interest to read this, that there is an alternative! I submit that truth does have more sides than what we are given en masse, and the path to see it can be found within … by our minds and by our hearts, by our willingness to look beyond the surface of what seems, and our courage to face the yet unknown. We are by very nature, sovereign to ourselves, and subjects only to what we fail to understand … we are the truth, we are the divinity, and freedom from the shackles of dualistic reality is obtainable, if only we can make the choice … to be who we really are!

Good journey to all, and to all the empowerment of this, the Revolution of Humanity!