Dream Weavers

“Nurtured with time and passion, the dream weavers make worlds from concepts, life from inspiration, and form from feeling.”

Reality is far more malleable then what we traditionally perceive, for we are far more interactive in the creation of reality than what we typically understand. The division between what we see and who we are is actually quite narrow, meaning in truth that – anything that is, is just an element of the grand singularity of a divine consciousness. It is ALL an expression of consciousness though energy, and as seeming individuals connected to that totality, we each have the ability within us to create with cognizance – to become aware of the reality which we truly manifest.

What are your dreams … your hopes, your aspirations? Now ask, where is your focus … where are you applying your thoughts and your feelings? Be honest with yourself – do they truly match? Do you want a peaceful world, so are you peaceful? Do you want to understand life, so are you actively seeking answers? Do you want life to be better, but are you always feeling it to be the same? Reality is made in the moment, then it works to become manifest in time for our experience. Most of this occurs on the subconscious level, without the direction of our complete awareness – but a deeper awareness can be achieved, and with that, an increased ability to experience the creation of life directly.

We are NOT powerless beings … we are NOT mere subjects of circumstance! What we are in fact, are the weavers of dreams that become our reality. Thought and emotion … and spiritual meaning are the very substance of this reality … WE make life what it is. And so, as spiritual creators, we bear the divine trust to make of it what we need to grow … and what we desire to be.

The answers lay within … the answers are in understanding what we truly are, and how we are an integral function for the creation of all that is. The answers are in our love … and in the focus of our good intentions. The answer, is US … we are -all of us – a world of concepts, a life from inspiration, and a form out of feeling. Use it well … and good journey.