Intricacies of the Self

At first consideration, one might think this to be a rather peculiar statement. How could anyone be afraid of themselves? Yet, if you think about it, this really isn’t such a strange concept at all. When we begin to realize the significance of the individual in context of how reality is created, suddenly we are faced with a sense of responsibility for that reality, and our perceptions of ‘inadequacy’ for this task. It is said that ‘ignorance is bliss’, and so that implies that knowledge is quite the opposite, and so who is willing to loose that bliss for the sake of a greater understanding that we’ve, so far, ‘done fine’ without? Then there are also those thoughts and feelings which we are programmed to believe are ‘wrong’ for us … don’t question, because that undermines our faith, or maybe you wouldn’t like the answer to that question. Don’t feel anger, because that is automatically a ‘negative’ emotion resulting from a lack of compassion. Don’t express yourself honestly, because others will reject you … all of these examples speak of a fear, of one’s own sense of self-worth.

Science tells us that you are nothing more than a series of random circumstances. Religion tells us that we are all subject to a deity, who judges our fate based on our adherence to ritual and ‘proper worship’. Modern culture tells us that, unless we align with popular appearances and perspectives, that we are to be shunned. I’ll never forget my 6th grade school book that stated ‘one’s self-esteem is based on other’s opinions of you’! All of these beliefs (and many more) are ultimately about dis-empowering you. So, if you are truly a free-thinker and do not ‘fit in’ with one or more of these paradigms, then you are bombarded with a tidal wave of subconscious programming telling you to deny your own potential … fear of accepting who you really are, and who you have the potential to become.

How many of you have been ridiculed and attacked because of your intelligence? How many of you have been made fun of, or considered weak, for expressing love or tenderness? What about when you have a different opinion than those around you? Although consciously you may have the strength and independence to reject these ignorant ideas, often they still find their way into the subconscious. Thus, your life is altered and restrained by a force which you may be totally unaware of.

Introspection, on the deepest and most meaningful levels, is not a journey to be taken lightly. It takes a lot of courage to face the truth about yourself, because by doing so one must be prepared to defy many of the beliefs which we have been trained to accept as ‘truth’ from birth. Stripped of all these answers provided by ‘people who know better than you’, one is left with the daunting situation of original and independent thought. Don’t laugh … because more of what you think and feel really isn’t coming from within – it merely appears that way.

To break these boundaries and get to the true essence of your being, takes time and effort. It takes blunt honesty with yourself, and the courage to accept that you have been wrong in your perceptions … even, perhaps, perceptions and beliefs that you hold very dear. But if you can face the reality of who you really are … who you are, not simply on the surface or what you’d like to believe, then I guarantee you’re in for a trip of the ages! Reality is so much more intricate and meaningful than what society would have us know, and there is nothing more liberating and empowering, than the discovery of great truth within.

So … is it now time to know yourself? More of life depends on it than you realize …