Golden Light

-Golden Light –

Share me your love, and I’ll share you my soul

Lend me your thoughts and we’ll journey to the whole

Where inward found and outward seen – a bond by honest integrity

Like the glow within, the words do begin: “as one and one, for all eternity”

Yet no factor or feature defines that phrase: what the subtle heart does see

For the purest love, through our family soul, is forever in good company

And does warm the touch of life well-lived, and grows the marrow of seeing

With an embrace of trust, dedicated to the just, for a new and better way of being

Then: “pledge we of our solidarity, upon witness to this meaning”

… Words like cut from stone

About the interlacing, discovering and emplacing, the tie of mutual cause

… In haste and when we pause

While we are wide-awake, and yet we are still dreaming …

But to next, there is yet more: both powerful and revealing

… for we are infinite mind and feeling

Ever flowing, along nature’s shore

The journey we adore, as souls in forward motion

The answer found in wisdom’s ocean:

“That tis’ the spirit, which bares the intention”

And so time will speak, of our heart’s retention

Then lastly now, let us come to know: the future of what we allow

By that which this ending, with care in its sending, shall seed beyond the brow-

That we are all like the sunlight, with words both kind and bold:

“… And so may we all, who hear this call, grow a spirit of gold”

-Dan Thomas-

Connection to others, and connection to the self … perhaps, two aspects of the same thing? Really, the whole of humanity is only divided by our fear to recognize a simple truth: that we are ALL a part of the same grand entirety. The positive connections which we share with others, and with ourselves, are an expression of this higher understanding, and the desire for creating a new and better reality. It is the cooperation between us, which makes life beautiful … and that means sharing a bond of trust and integrity, and of compassion, that grants us the courage to move life forward.

Each of us, is an individual part of one humanity. Each of us, must take the journey of life at our own pace … and all of us, have the capacity to add to the lives of others by giving them the care that we’ve earned through the wisdom of experience. It is about a commitment to the very concept of humanity … it’s about learning what it truly means to be human. It’s about love … patience and understanding. “As one and one, for all eternity – pledge we of our solidarity, upon witness to this meaning, that tis’ the spirit which bares the intention … and so may we all, who hear this call, grow a spirit of gold”.