Layers of Understanding

From the macro to the micro, reality is ever expanding – and what that really means, is that consciousness is expanding. Consciousness is the focused direction of energy which forms our reality, whether it be in the heat of a star or the orbit of electrons within a single atom. Why consciousness? Because entropy denies the factor of emotion … that order doesn’t necessarily have to be logical. So then, our understanding of reality can not simply be achieved on the logical level, can it? … it requires other forms of observation.

Through the labyrinth of all that is, from the solidity of a thought to the dream of a cosmos, we like to search for a truth that is simple yet elegant … something catchy and easy to remember, that can somehow encapsulate everything into a single, tidy package. The thing is, existence is so infinitely intricate that there really is no medium to fully describe it. No mathematical formula can capture the beauty, and no poetry can reflect the complexity. It is a phenomenon which has to be experienced to be known – seen by the mind, as well as felt the heart.

Emotion is rarely recognized as a tool of learning … not just for learning what it feels like to love or to fear, but for learning about the process of change, the creation of life, and the scope of consciousness. This is largely because the scientists have told us that it is unreliable … by ‘logical deduction’ they have determined that understanding is better obtained when you use only have of your perceptive capacity – the left half, or analytical facet of the brain. For this, they continue to ‘prove’ things that, often times, where already understood long ago … intuitively.

“I believe in intuitions and inspirations … I sometimes FEEL that I am right.” – said Albert Einstein, for he understood that the ‘shortcut’ of equation is the attunement of emotion – that knowledge can be felt as well as reasoned – The feeling of knowledge: intuition. Of course the challenge of intuition is not only to trust in it, but make sure that it isn’t tainted by ego or one’s own desire for something to be true or untrue. But the capacity is there … and like a muscle in the body, the more you work it the stronger it can become.

People like to say “it’s either this way, or it’s that way …” that either there is a God, or there isn’t a God … that either there IS such a thing as a universal truth, or that truth is completely subjective. Well, in my humble opinion, you’re both right, and you’re both wrong. Where you are right is in seeing a piece of the puzzle and interpreting it, so to speak, but where you’re wrong is when you believe that piece to be the whole picture. Reality is like life folks: it grows and it flows and it feels and it thinks … it doesn’t have just one dimension (or even three), but many. So to understand it, we have to observe and experience it by many dimensions. We have to think about reality, yes … but we also have to feel it – know the whole of a subject, and not just a slice of it. It’s an on-going task, I know … if it wasn’t, we could have all learned what we needed to, and then moved-on long ago! -lol- But we’re still here for a reason. We’re here to learn what we and this thing called ‘existence’ is all about, right? So open your minds and reach out with your hearts people … don’t give-up on understanding! Because, the path to a better life for ALL really is open to us … if but only we can learn to perceive it.