One Within One, Equals All

Things are not at all how we are led to perceive. You look around and see everything outside of you: other people, other places, other things. You see a reality that appears to be separate from your own individuality, and experience is something you react to, given your circumstances. The truth however, is so very much the opposite, that it is difficult for many of us to fully know.

Consciousness is the directing force of energy, and so because all is energy, all that we perceive as reality is imbued with consciousness. Consciousness, as energy, contains the entire spectrum of being, from the microcosm of the individual to the macrocosm of the divine singularity – one within One. The determining factor of course, as to ‘what kind of reality we experience’, lies within the cognizant focus – and the base frequency at which one resonates.

We are creators, and we are the creations – what is so often unseen is that ultimately they are one and the same. The power to create your own reality resides within YOU, and who you are is just a focus point along the experience of what you are – an expression of all that is. HOLOGRAPHIC REALITY – every piece contains within it, the existence of the whole, and the whole is more than the sum of its parts …

So might I ask … might you ask yourself … what reality have I unconsciously chosen, and what reality shall I now consciously choose? The answer my friends, lies within.