Simple Truth

Life can be very complicated, especially for an intelligent and inquiring mind. And it’s good to think about things … understanding and discovering the many layers of truth to our reality, is unquestionably needed for our spiritual progression. Let us never forget, however, when all of the details become an overwhelming string of confusion, that some of the greatest truths of humanity are really very simple.

Regardless of any difference or division that we may perceive among us, or any question of life, I believe that we are first and foremost Human Beings … and as human beings, the most powerful force in existence is that which we call ‘love’ – our ability to feel the wisdom of compassionIf you need to simplify your understanding of daily life down to a single concept, I suppose that very well may be it: to approach life with love in your heart, for then at least you know yourself to be honest, and working with good intent. What more could anyone truly ask of you … what more could you ask of yourself? Mistakes will be made, and you want to maintain that progression of understanding, but when it all becomes ‘too much’, take heart in your humanity.

So what do you think? Better yet, what do you feel? Much of life is about those very questions, isn’t it? The paradox is in the answers, because they’re really quite searching questions – yet also in the end, they really are quite simple …