“So many words have lost their meaning, and with that we have lost our comprehension.”

Increasingly, words have become a psychological trigger to mind and emotion. The true meaning of many words has been lost in slang and associations that have little or nothing to do with what they were intended to communicate. Studies have shown that people’s comprehension of various sentences is based far less on what they actually say, and far more on what they have been subconsciously programmed to believe they say. Words such as sex, love, change, death, judgement, and power tend to solicit strong reactions, regardless of the actual context in which they are used, or the true definitions of such words. Combined with the ever decreasing attention span and awareness levels of people, the result is a fundamental collapse of our general understanding of the experience of life itself. Most people fail to see the profound impact that this manipulation of language has had … and so truth be, many of you who will read this really won’t grasp the depth of what I’m saying.

Politicians and speech writers know this subject very well … as does the media in general. Ironically, many politicians actually DO live-up to their campaign promises, it’s just that people consistently misunderstand the words and the context by which they are presented. They smirk, because it’s an inside joke to them … truth presented ‘in code’ you might say, as a test of the populace’s awareness. It is an art of language that predates us all.

Additionally, people seldom bother to realize the origins of words. A classic example is the English word ‘government’. In truth, it is comprised of the Latin term gubernare (meaning control) and the suffix mentis (meaning mind). So what does the word ‘government’ actually mean? If I promise you ‘good government’, what am I really saying? Think about it …

For those of you who are familiar with my work, please realize that I refer to many of these posts as ‘contemplations’ for a reason – meaning that I recommend you don’t simply read them once, and thenĀ  think I’m right or wrong. No, no … most of what I write has many layers of meaning. Sometimes what I am actually saying is not necessarily just the obvious. The pictures I assign to these posts are not arbitrary either. What I do is attempt to stimulate your mind and emotions on a variety of levels, thus to help awaken and empower you. Admittedly, sometimes I may miss the target … but I feel compelled to at least try. I ask you to try as well … try to understand, and share your understanding with others. If we are ever to make something more of this reality, then we have to try and comprehend it in more ways than what has simply been handed to us. I say again: think about it, feel about it – broaden your mind and open your heart, for the truth is all around … if but we care enough to see it.