-Conductor of My Heart-

One of the greatest gifts that anyone can give to you, is the gift of their true love. Love, in this romantic context, is a bond between two people which transcends the limits of mere appearances, and is a matter of knowing through the heart, and appreciating the stirring beauty of another’s soul. It blends all of the finest qualities of our humanity – compassion, joy, respect and tenderness – with the trust of intimacy, and the care of honesty. It is at once a grand symphony of emotion, and a subtlety of expression … a ballad of unity, and the treasure of individualism. Scribed in time with the fine balance of acceptance and action, love calls on us to embrace the other’s qualities while having patience with their faults … the willingness to give and the humility to grow. So precious is this form of friendship, that I believe these words alone cannot convey the great depth of love’s divine meaning … only touch the surface, of a feeling beyond description.