Life and the World

History shows us that you can’t go through life forever denying the hard truth – it will always catch-up with you eventually! The world, the people … yourself … there are problems with this reality that we have to deal with, and to deal with them we first have to face them. On mass, people have created quite a precarious and tragic situation: toxic radiation levels continue to rise, corruption and lies are rampant, and the wars rage on … the food supply, the economy … I’m sure I don’t need to try and list all of the nightmares out there. But all of this is negative energy that people are generating, does influence the course of our reality. We have to realize that, connected as we are, what one does, impacts the other – and there’s a lot of people out there making a lot of negative impacts! And yet …

Interestingly, awareness itself goes a long way in counteracting negative manifestations; you know the phrase: “knowing is half the battle” … well there’s a lot of truth to that. And one of the other things you need to know is that this holographic reality is created, in part, by your own base resonant frequency – the energy that you put out there, through your thoughts and beliefs, and through your emotions and your focus. What reality do you choose? Shall you live in fear, or in love? What actually is possible?

If solutions are to be made, they first have to be made within. The reality that you live is greatly influenced by where your focus is … not just in the conscious moment, but also in the heart. See the answer in your mind, and feel it rise-up from your gut and then know it as true! FOCUS on LIVING the solution … then the solution can live, for each of us.