Now and When …

All possibilities exist – it’s the nature of energy – but what we perceive as reality is actually a selection from those possibilities, and that selection is made from moment to moment by each and every one of us. In a broadening of our perspective, as to what truly is in existence, we provide ourselves with the benefit of experience – thus choices can be made more wisely. Furthermore, with the comprehension that time is in actuality not linear (it’s only perceived that way), the ‘distance’ between what we live and what we wish to live, narrows acutely.

Direct conscious manifestation of reality however, is only as efficient as one’s conscious comprehension of themselves – who they really are in the broader sense of being. Conducted on the level of ego, or raw intellectualism, the process fails – for they are limited in perspective to their own comparative mentality. The ability to perceive beyond those boundaries, resides in feeling

You have to know what life you’re looking for, but then you have to take it a step deeper, and ‘live it in the present’ – feel it into being, with the great expansion of the soul who you are, and then the dream can become the reality – for what ‘can be’ has been there all along, we simply forgot how to see it.