Soul Expansion

Knowledge is power, for it allows you to see what otherwise might have been a void, but so too is emotion …

This is why true understanding is often best achieved when these two fundamental aspects of our being work with each other, rather than just on their own. And I believe it is important to distinguish that it is emotion which would seem to be the driving force in the creation of reality – knowledge is more so the terrain in which is driven.

Life is far more interactive than most of us realize, for the truth of who we are is far more vast than is realized. When you consider that everything you think and feel – what you believe and your attitude – all have a dynamic influence on not just one’s perception of reality, but on the primal manifestation of reality itself, then you begin to comprehend that the seeming disconnect between you and what you experience, is in actuality an illusion.

The more you learn … the more you can feel … the more you can expand that connection of your soul to it’s truly divine origin, the more you know that true power is not to be found in the trappings of what is perceived around us, rather it is to be found within. YOU are a powerful and creative source, and so the question then must be: how will you wield it?